Jan. 28th, 2012

ciroccoj: (wonder)
I had Plans today. I was going to be Productive. I was going to send my boys off to school all day, and I was going to drop by Legal Aid and my office and talk to grownups and drop off things here and pick up things there and it was all very adultish.

Then a Snow Day was declared, and Car Issues happened, and it all went to pot.

In a nice way, though; I didn't get to talk to other grownups much but I did have both boys at home, they played, Daniel talked to his best friend on the phone for a couple of hours, we watched Gone With The Wind (Justin's on the Civil War in History, and Daniel's taking Drama at school, and that movie is a goldmine of historical information and fantasy and cinematic mythmaking), ordered the boys' birthday cakes, cooked some yummies, tidied the house, capped it all off by belt-testing/potluck at the dojang, and all in all had a successful day.

Not Productive in the way I'd wanted, but successful nonetheless.

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