Feb. 1st, 2012

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  • Woke up to freezing rain, yet again.

  • Bus cancellation website down.

  • Finally accessed site; no snow day.

  • Scraped off my car.

  • My key for Chris's car not working; had to get his & scrape his off in order to move it so I could get out of the driveway.

  • Not yet 8AM; day not boding well.

  • Early morning meeting with Justin's principal, about the sudden change to his schedule that will throw home schooling out the window if we follow it but may be too much for his organizational skills if we don't, what with him having to miss a lot more school because courses that were being held entirely in the morning will now be partly in the afternoon...

  • ...went wonderfully! His principal doesn't think it'll be a problem for Justin to keep up, as he's "very self-motivated and responsible" and "he already knows so much of this stuff, you guys have done such a great job with him - a lot like Daniel, actually." And "as for him spending more time at school... well, you know, he's a bright kid, and sometimes at this level it's hard to keep bright kids interested and motivated at school full-time, so he's really getting the best of both worlds with this part-time thing..."

  • Will revisit this if it looks like Justin's having trouble, but for now it's business as usual.

  • Day seems suddenly brighter :) :)

  • Think I'll try to wear matching clothing today.
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Ten years ago we moved into this house in Ottawa and then Chris went back to London to finish out the last month of his contract, leaving me alone with Justin, almost two, and Daniel, almost five. In the middle of winter. In a new house. Desperate to find some way to while away the long hours with two very active little boys in a house full of boxes, I loaded them into our sled and went for a walk around the neighbourhood...

...and encountered Narnia. What I had thought was just a cul-de-sac in suburbia ended up being the entrance to part of the National Capital Region bike paths, through forests, down hills, near a quarry, past a huge mesa-like reservoir, and a five-minute walk away from a small abandoned ski hill. Well... ten minutes, considering that either they had to walk on very short legs or I had to haul them.

Sledded to home school day today at Dulude Arena down that same hill. Fell off and landed in perfect snow. Our trip home at the end of the day took considerably longer, as we went down the hill three times, falling off every single time.

So, so glad we bought this house.

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