Feb. 10th, 2012

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I thought the community was dead since I hadn't seen any updates on their livejournal in a while, but apparently they just moved to Dreamwidth.

Note: I haven't read any of the stories these came from, and in fact don't even know most of the fandoms in here, but the errors are hilarious and the commentaries by those who collect them are hysterical.

  • If we don’t nip this thing in the butt without sparking any further consequences then we’re in for rough times come next year.

    (Gardening tips for the advanced student)

  • His chin wobbled as he fought to restore his Vulcan composer.

  • "Do you know the entomology of the phrase 'white elephant'?"

    (Insects to elephants in one bold leap)

  • Evening settled over the countryside turning the clear, azure, summer sky into a blend of pinks, purples, violates, and peach oranges.

  • Before you write to beret me of my youthful foolishness, do take up the locket you keep closed in the top drawer of your bedside secretaire and look at the miniature portrait within.

  • After Cuba, Mystique finds herself struggling to accumulate to life in the Mutant Brotherhood.

    (Perhaps it's the opposite of being de-atomized?)

  • The nervous tick below his eye twitches violently.


  • His eyes slowly blinked open, wary of the bright light that had temporarily blended him.

  • The blonde instantly stopped his menstruations and looked up at the potion's master, a glint his silvery eyes.

    (I'd like to be able to stop that at will)

  • “Well, think of it this way, Bones,” Kirk yells from where he’s gathering water from a virulent mountain stream. “At least this place is beautiful.”

    (Why non-metaphorical purification tablets are you friend)

  • If he started to pace, Chris was libel to pick up on the sound and there would be more questions.

  • He was well within his right to banish the lot of them but that would be cutting his own nose off despite his face.

  • Jack had the audacity to look amused, his gaze raking his barley dressed body.

    (I have a wicked mental image for this, though it's a little grainy)

  • Chris looked back at him with his brows in knits.

  • “No offense, man, but if I had been in a comma for a month and a half I’d be confused and a little pissed off, too,” comes Dustin’s voice.

    (So would I. Very confused, actually)

  • It appeared that Pansy was impressed enough with Draco’s devious (albeit false) plan that she forgot about being mad that he wasn’t standing over the unconscious mudblood laughing viscously.

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