Feb. 17th, 2012

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  • It's a four-day weekend. PA day for both boys, then Family Day on Monday. For some reason, we're doing TKD for three of those days, with a step-sparring workshop Saturday, Chris's black belt training Sunday, and a Family Day practice and movie on Monday.

  • I want to live in all of these places: Six Abandoned Places That Will Make Awesome Supervillain Lairs.

  • Report cards came in this week. Justin's is nearly straight-A, and Daniel's is ABBA-like. Daniel's not that pleased, because he's worked really hard and apparently a lot of his fellow IB students are embarrassed when they get below 90%. We discussed various topics:

    1. I'm fairly sure that if he works really, really hard, he too can get straight As. I just don't think it's worth missing out on everything else in life.

    2. If he wants straight A without missing out on the rest of life, he could probably drop IB and get them without breaking a sweat. But then he might be bored.

    3. If he wants to stay where school is challenging and keep having a life, maybe he can talk himself into realizing that ABBAs are not so shabby in IB.

    4. It might also be worth thinking about how many of his classmates are getting the same marks as he is and just not mentioning them, or outright lying about all those over-90s ;)

  • Speaking of ABBA: Waterl√∂√∂?

  • The kid in Billy Elliot was going through puberty during the filming of the movie. They had to go back and re-dub some of his scenes because his voice broke, and shave his legs because some of the jumping up and down scenes were filmed before he grew leg hair, and some after.

  • My choir is doing Toto's Africa for our Mosaik (formerly Black History Month) concert next Saturday. Yesterday was the first day the guys really got their part - which is important, as they are the lead in this song and the diva soprano section is reduced to making a shooka-shooka background noise. Totally worth it, though. The guys sound awesome.

  • Our next concert is Carmina Burana! I'm tickled pink. Finally I'm getting over the bitterness over the fact that when I first tried to join the Kingston Choral Society in 1995, they told me I was too late to join in time for the Carmina Burana concert but "Don't worry, the next concert after that is a tribute to Cole Porter! Won't that be great?! Even better than Carmina!"

    (The answer, by the way, was no. Definitely not. Ugh.)

  • Can't wait to see The Hunger Games movie. ::crossing fingers that it won't suck::

  • This is somehow simultaneously one of the most infuriating and funniest damn things I've read in a long time: A Round of Applause for the 'Million Moms' and Their Anti-Gay Campaign... Seriously

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