May. 14th, 2012

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Don't ask me why, but I wanted to know where the word "Maya" came from (as in, the Mezoamerican culture). Google led me directly to:

I’ve surfed the web abit about the origin of the word maya, she was Mahamaya, the great Maya, of the hindus in India, but in Mexico, it seems the word origin is unknown to mainstream scholars, because they refuse to acknowledge what is really obvious when analyzed, she came from Atlan, the ancient mexican homeland “across the eastern ocean,” which clearly is not the u.s. southwest, but ancient Atlantis, across the Atlantic, in the shadow of the Atlas moutains, Atlantis which actually succumbed to the sea when all the other oceanports around the world went under too, when the Ice Age ended, not circa 9600 b.c., Plato had the date wrong, because the cities and naval warfare described in his story were clearly bronze age, trying to aggrandize the greek and egyptian histories.

With the ancient navigation method simply explained in article #2 at, the father of Maya, Atlas, made quite a name for himself, and his daughter apparently helped found the first culture across what Plato called the Western Ocean, in Mesoamerica, what today is known as the Olmec culture, greatly influenced later by orientals of the Shang dynasty who began to arrive in a big way when the Ice Age had ended, the evidence in much olmec statuary of many “races” of mariners who traded there, the clay bricks at Comacalco having many ancient languages etched into them, perhaps just practice for young students, confirming global navigation long before the darwinists will admit, even as the evidence for it is overwhelming.

Am I being obtuse, or is this really, really hard to parse? Apparently it's supposed to be about Young Earth creationism. IMHO it reads more like a stream-of-consciousness peyote revelation :/

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