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...that I can't wait for the week to begin, so I can relax.

  • Thursday Justin was sick at home so none of my regular Thursday stuff got done and Friday Daniel was home with a PA Day, and I drove around town to meet with a criminal lawyer (mentoring), picking up our tickets to see the Dalai Lama (got the wrong directions so went to three different places), and picking up beets (?) because Chris had read that consuming beets before a race helps speed you up. Sure, OK, I picked up beets. Got home and made dinner, beet salad, and munchies for Sunday's choir concert, and wished Chris was home to help out, in view of the super-busy weekend we were about to experience. Would've felt hard done by about this except that Chris wasn't there because he was at the visitation for the wife of a colleague, who just died. In her mid-fifties. Kinda puts it all in perspective :/

  • Saturday got up and went to see the Dalai Lama at the Civic Centre. Um. Wow.

  • Then Chris's black belt mock physical. Six minutes of skipping, 250 push-ups in ten minutes, 250 sit-ups in ten minutes. Followed by a 3.2K run, in less than 18 minutes. He does it all, except for the full set of push-ups because he recently injured his shoulder. It also looked like he'd gone slightly over the 18 minute time, until we realized he'd actually run 9 laps, not 8.

    Also: I am so, so, so glad it's not my black belt test this time.

  • Straight from Chris's physical to choir rehearsal, for Sunday's Carmina Burana concert.

    Lovely, lovely lovely parenting moment: I had not expected any of my family to go to the concert. Then Daniel said something like, "So I cancelled my D & D game on Sunday--"

    "What? Why?"

    ::blink:: "Um. Because it's right at the same time as your concert?"

    "Oh. Did you want to go? I didn't think any of you would be interested."

    ::baffled look:: "Well of course! It's Carmina Burana!"

    Justin chimes in. "I want to go too!"

  • Drove Chris to black belt tutorial, then Kanata to drop off the last of Chris's tax stuff, then concert. Discover Youth tickets are half as expensive as I thought they were.

  • Concert time. The place is actually sold out, almost standing-room only. The performance is a bit of a marvellous Peak Experience blur, and we get an enthusiastic standing ovation. Kids declare it Awesome.

  • Back home. Collapse.

  • Pick self up from collapse and make dinner.

  • There's a house under all this mess, I'm sure. Must find, tomorrow.

Date: 2012-04-30 04:08 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
You totally rock. Fact.

I'm also glad that you're posting again. :)

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