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Memo to myself: when you have only recently wandered into a new TV show, and you ask yourself, "Hey, I wonder if anyone's ever written fanfic for this thing?" do NOT go onto to seek an answer to that question.

... unless you plan on copying and pasting a small selection of story summaries for your own future amusement, or to share with unsuspecting friends.

  • Emily and Hotch likes each other, but a misunderstanding leads to a broken heart and suddenly Emily is in a coma! Will this chaos ever end? Story better than summary.

  • She says it only happened once, but will it continue? Emily and Hotch centric, please, i like feedback. Ensures domestic violence!

  • So, a chat room for the BAU ocupants, the first couple of chapters don't have Rossi, mainly because I forgot, but he should be included after those. :D Please give me a chance, if you've read any of my stories you know I suck at summaries, so just read :D

  • Hotch has been kidnapped and replaced by a jamicain man. Reid has become a pimp. Morgan has no hair to whip back and forth while Emily just wants to eat her pudding

  • The story that answers the burning question, "Where does a nudist carry his gun?" A team of brutal killers. A courageous witness. Tension! Fear! Derek Morgan, naked! Morgan POV. A quickie one-a-day five-shot. Finally complete!

  • Whan a noraml day at th BAU turns into a nighmare what well the team do? WARNING: Tried my best on he spelling could do better? please R&R

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