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  • Our tomatoes grew very well this year, though not as abundantly as previous summers. We also now have a plethora of green tomatoes. As we've done every few years, we made fried green tomatoes with milk gravy (recipe courtesy of Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe). This year there were two differences in the tradition: (1) we also made cornbread and creamed corn (also from the book) and (2) the boys loved it. Fully expecting them to turn their noses up at it, I hadn't made enough for everyone to have seconds. Boo.

    OTOH, we still have a lot of green tomatoes. Think we'll try some of the other recipes next week. Okra and hominy grits, anyone?

  • I am reading Justin Fried Green Tomatoes. He loves it. Am pleased.

  • Yesterday's "OMG how can we get rid of Justin's lethal hot peppers" meal was Turkey Chilli, a huge success. We omitted the paprika and chilli sauce. Still scorching.

  • Today's was Craig's Mystic Wings. Another huge success, though we used only 1/4 of the chilies the recipe called for. We'll be making it again, absolutely.

  • Black belt physical this Saturday. I can't wait for it to be over. I know I won't pass, and won't be able to do the test itself next Saturday, but I just want it over with, and I want Justin to not have to worry about it any more. And I want home schooling to not involve massive memorization of patterns and kicks and definitions and lists and all that fun stuff.

  • I'm not just saying I don't think I'll pass the physical out of false modesty. I can do all the skipping, 250 pushups, 250 situps, etc etc, but the 3.2K has defeated me. Justin shaved enough time off his 3.2 to make it. I shaved off almost three minutes. It just wasn't enough. Boo.

    Oh well. By the time I do the test with Chris next May I'm sure I'll succeed. I just wish I hadn't trained five times a week for the last four weeks only to fail anyway :(

  • Turns out it isn't my imagination: Daniel has been feeling a lot better about school recently. He says so too. He's settled into a groove, I think, which is good, because the Land of Stress he was inhabiting didn't look very pleasant. We'd been warned, and we'd expected it, but it was still not fun for any of us to deal with. Happily, armed with his psycho-educational assessment, I had a very productive meeting with his guidance counsellors and ::crossing fingers:: he's got stuff in place to help him deal with the adjustment to high school/IB.

    Supposedly in November progress reports come out and half the IB kids freak right out. We'll see how he does.

  • Daniel and I are both reading The Hunger Games. Both thinking, "So that's what everyone was talking about when they said it was like the best YA books ever."

    Wow. Just. Wow.

  • I'm finally reading Land of Painted Caves. I'm wondering if I actually managed to lower my expectations to the point where no book could possibly fall lower. Then I remember all the bad, bad, baaaad fic I've read and am not so sure. Could it be that the book isn't as bad as everyone said it was?

    Of course, I'm only 30 pages in. Reserving judgement.

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