Jan. 19th, 2006 11:39 pm
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Didja like the Matrix? Do you like ping pong? Do you love foreign films?

Japanese Ping Pong, Matrix-Style
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Beer drinkers choose next prime minister of Canada )

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OK, so [ profile] mistful wrote the beautiful summary of Troy with the immortal lines

Well I recently discovered that the very next movie summary on her lj is Prisoner of Azkaban, which, ::squee!!:: Even though I like the guy who plays Lupin, and disagreed with a number of other opinions of hers, it's still hysterical. She has a fairly long analysis of the movie before going on to the summary, so feel free to skip if you're not a fangirl.

CUARON: There's this scene where a teacher comes out of the closet dressed in women's clothing? Man, I love kids' movies and their total lack of subtlety in symbolism!
ALAN RICKMAN: Do you? I do not.

HERMIONE: Men. Can't live without them. Am too smart for anyone to believe I killed them by accident.

HERMIONE: Buckbeak's being executed! *clings passionately to Ron*
HARRY: I need love too! *clings passionately to Hermione*
RON: *clings passionately to rat*
AUDIENCE: *gets kind of worried about Ron*


Also: check out new icon, courtesy of Stickers For Parents, which [ profile] medee6040 pointed out to me a while ago. I really wanted to iconize "Just Because I'm a Mom Doesn't Mean I Care", but couldn't make it small enough. ::sniff::

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