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...because I've already sent the thing in, but I have this thing about completion, so even though I'm no longer asking for beta, I need the second & third parts of Part IV up or I will someday wonder what happened to them.

Also, I haven't been to bed yet.

Indigenous Sovereignty in the United States and Canada )


...and that's all she wrote. Other than the conclusion, which really sucked and just rehashed stuff so I'm too embarrassed to post it in case I happen to wander through here some day in the distant future and read it and wonder WTF.

So I pulled yet another all-nighter, but this time it really wasn't my fault. I went to bed, I swear I did, but my brain was running on so much hyper energy that I lay there for over an hour trying to go to sleep with no luck. Finally gave up. Watched Queer As Folk (mmm, Brian Kinney), some vaguely Law & Order-like show on A&E (Coach? Is that you?), CTV news (it's going to be windy & rainy in Toronto today), a documentary on serial killers (did you know Charles Manson had abnormally high levels of either nickel or lead in his hair?), and CNN. Wow, 1 in 10 American families have at least one illegal immigrant. That's a lot of illegals. Also? Yellow is not one of the colours of the American flag. If you're asked that question on a citizenship test, now you know.

I had vague ideas about writing a witty yet passive-aggressive entry aimed at my anonymous lj un-admirer, but I think it was only funny at four in the morning. I'll probably just continue to ignore her.

...and now it's time to start my day and prepare for our vacation tomorrow. Packing, picking up drugs, possibly buying a swimsuit, dropping off all 97 books I borrowed for AbLaw, calling the city re. our taxes, collecting my choir music, and possibly trying to get a nap in there somewhere. We leave tomorrow at 5:30AM. ::sob::
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Part IV: Indigenous Sovereignty: Moving from Imagining to Actuality - Australier )
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[ profile] daf9, I love you with all the burning passion of my geeky academic soul.

Part III: What is the meaning of “Sovereignty”? )

Part II

Apr. 30th, 2007 07:21 pm
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Again, unbeta'd. And a bit obscure.
Dueling Meanings: Who is “Indigenous” and Who are “Peoples”? )

"'Brain'? What is 'brain'?"

Name that quote :)
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Why anybody would be interested in this, I can't possibly imagine, but here's the working introduction to my paper. It's kinda unbeta'd, so if anybody does take a little stroll through it, I'd be very grateful if you could point out typos, grammar & punctuation errors, logical oopsies, and general muddlement.
Dry rocks of text here, ye be warned )

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