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  • Happy April Fool's!

  • Here, for your viewing pleasure: 100 Greatest April Fool's Hoaxes of All Time. My fave is still the Swiss Spaghetti Harvest, but I must admit the Taco Liberty Bell, San Serriffe, and the value of Pi also get a chuckle out of me every time :)

  • Personally not having a great week, though today Chris is off work and has taken the kibbles away to a museum. Go! Chris!

    In keeping with my mood, I've got a not so cheerful post-Deathly Hallows ficbit! Another one from my HP Fic That Will Probably Never See the Light of Day. I guess I should've waited to post April Fool's today, but as there's more than enough depressing birthday-centric fics being posted out there right now, I'll be different and post a bit from earlier in the book, during the chapter called The Seven Potters. Which we just read at bedtime last night, by the way.

    Oh, um, warning for bad language, I guess.

    All right, up we go! )

  • Also: the soundtrack for Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End is awesome.

      That is all :)
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  • I love these "OMG I've done something right as a mother!" moments. The other day the boys were chatting and Justin said something like, "Yeah the Harry Potter books are way better than the movies! The movies are like an ad or something!"

    He didn't get why I was so pleased.

    Then today he asked Daniel to start reading him the Prydain books. And so Daniel did. There are no Prydain movies, except for a very bad Disney version of The Black Cauldron. Justin doesn't care.

    ::warm fuzzies at my kids::

    ::warm fuzzies at me and Chris, for raising them to love the written/spoken word::

  • I don't particularly love the point I'm at right now with my paper. I love the fact that it's the last *&%$ing paper I will ever write for law school, but otherwise, meh. I really wish I'd chosen a topic that intrigued me more, but I wanted to challenge myself and so I chose trade law. Lesson learned.

  • Deju-vu ficsnippet for people on my other flist ;)

    So I've still got this Harry Potter Fic That Will Probably Never See the Light of Day slowly growing on my hard drive. Set after Deathly Hallows (so it's got spoilers, Chris), working title is Oblivion, and I'm posting bits here and there because I'll probably never get around to actually making it a coherent beginning-to-end story. Anyway, here's another snippet. PG13 for language, but nothing else objectionable ;)

    Oblivion, April Fool's )

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