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...of the class :)

Justin is three years younger than Daniel, Daniel is a bit of a freak, intellect-wise, and Chris and I are grownups and relatively bright ourselves. And Justin has been home schooled for five years. And while that has been overall a very positive experience, it does mean that for five years, Justin has effectively been at the bottom of the totem pole in terms of feeling - or appearing - smart.

He went to school part-time this year. Got his report card back yesterday. Straight A's :) :) :)

I'm proud of him for that, but not as proud as I was when he told us he'd won a Principal's Award (at his school apparently that's for being one of the top students in his class). Shortly after getting it, he walked past one of his classmates, who sneered, "Super nerd!"

Justin just brandished his Principal's Award at the kid. "Yeah!! SUPER Nerd!"
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Daniel thinks it's silly that the Civilisation games only allow one unique power to each civilisation (eg, Rome has the power of Roman Roads, better than all other roads, Japan has Honour, China has Myriads, or strength in numbers). He thinks there should be one special ability for ancient times and one for modern times. So, for example, ancient Vikings should have awesome power of Raid, doubling what they get from pillaging, and the modern Vikings should have the power of IKEA.

Me: So... cheap catapults that they assemble onsite? They come with their own little pegs and everything?
Daniel: No, catapults that can fling crappy furniture at the enemy!
Justin: No, fling IKEA stores at the enemy!
Daniel: The whole store! You can't dodge it, it's too huge!
Justin: And the last thing the enemy sees coming at them is "SWEDISH FOR COMMON SENSE"!
Daniel: The worst last thing they'll ever see!
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Justin: Ugh, I hate when I get "microbiology" and "Necronomicon" mixed up.
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Me: There's something different about you...
Justin: Yes. I have been out of your womb for twelve years.
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  • Justin is doing his school spelling homework, and is looking through the dictionary. He has found "intercontinental" and "ballistic" so far.

    Justin: Oh look, and my next word, "missile" is spelled right in the definition of "ballistic". How convenient.
    Me: So you're learning "ballistic" and "missile", eh? How nice. How about you learn how to spell "death"? And "war" and "violence" and "pestilence"?
    Justin: Oh pestilence is spelled p-e-s-t-i-l-e-n-c-e.
    Me: How do you know that? (Justin's spelling is notoriously poor)
    Justin: Magic! ::shows me a "Magic: the Gathering" card::

    Yet another reason for those bloody cards to be left all over the house; now they're spelling aids, too. ::sigh::

  • How wonderful to wake up to raised voices yesterday morning, Daniel's yelling " so STUPID!" and Justin yelling "...NOT!!" back and people and things committing agitated movement downstairs. Wtf can they be fighting about at 7:50AM, I ask myself, and go stumbling down the stairs to break it up.

    Daniel's misplaced his bus pass. He's frantically searching, yelling, "How could I be so STUPID I KNOW I'm supposed to keep it in ONE PLACE--" the whole time and Justin is helping him and saying, "No you're NOT, stop saying that, we're going to find it, just relax, you're NOT STUPID!"

    He did find it. Made it to the bus on time, too :)


Oct. 17th, 2011 09:05 pm
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  • 21:30/3.2K.


  • Few things are as bittersweet as your kid asking your advice on matters of the heart.

  • Justin: ...and yeah, it was a pretty good day. I had fun. And I finished all my homework before I left. And oh my God, Mama, please teach me some science. Do you know what we're studying right now? Gravity!

  • Spent much of the weekend feeling kinda Viking-y, listening to ABBA and putting together IKEA furniture.

  • I went to a book launch!

  • Started watching Roots.

    Daniel: Wow. I wonder how many of the people who watched this series when it came out totally missed the point.

    Me: Well, whoever made the intro announcement, for one. "From primitive Africa, to the Old South..."

    Aside )

  • After a couple of rather stressed-out weeks, I think Daniel is beginning to get used to the workload of IB. ::crossing fingers:: He went to the Chess Club today. And won :D :D


Mar. 30th, 2011 03:47 pm
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Justin: Mama, picture this: for your birthday, your friends give you as a present your own personal dimension.
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We're watching Lord of the Rings:
(on screen) Boromir: (to Frodo) Give me the ring!
Justin: I need it to propose to Aragorn!
Rest of us: ::burst out laughing::
Justin: It's the Canadian version of Lord of the Rings.


Feb. 9th, 2010 10:19 pm
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Justin and I are finishing Listen For the Singing, the sequel to Jean Little's From Anna, and the phone rings. It's our bank, doing one of their "customer satisfaction" calls.

Bank Lady on Phone: ::blah blah blah introcakes::
Me: ::appropriate social responses::
BLP: ...and I just have a few questions to ask about your account, do you have a few minutes?
Me: Actually, I'm busy right now.
BLP: No problem ma'am, we'll call back another time.
Me: Thank you.
::hang up::
Justin: Yay! You consider me something to be busy about!
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Justin: Arg! My life is so annoying!
Daniel: Justin, everybody's life is annoying. If you focus on only that, you get into depression.
Justin: Ugh. You are too philosophical.
Daniel: Thank you.
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We're currently studying Henry VIII and Elizabeth I:

Me: ::read description of The Other Boleyn Girl:: Mmm, yeah, nope, I don't think you guys should watch this movie. I might rent it for Daddy and me, but I don't think it's appropriate for you guys.
Daniel: Why not?
Me: Well for one thing, Spoiler Alert: everyone dies. Badly. Like, everyone. Anne, George, their father, mother...
Daniel: Even Henry VIII?
Justin: Daniel, duh, of course! Remember, Henry VIII? He died one of England's worst kings, with six wives, old and fat and gross and with an enormous scrotum!
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Today's class includes a small lecture to the kids about being "at attention" and showing respect and concentrating. After class, Justin lets me know, "The whole time Mr. P was talking about concentrating? I had an itch in my ear. And if I was a blue belt I would have scratched it, but I was listening to Mr. P and I thought, I'm a red stripe now, so I didn't scratch."
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Doris the Science Mom: (talks about genetic discoveries that may someday enable us to stop the ageing process)
Kid: I think I'd like to stop ageing at age eighteen.
Doris: I don't know, I'm forty-four and I'm finding it a wonderful age. So I would recommend age forty-four. (looks at Justin, who is apparently looking shocked) I know, you can't quite believe anybody's actually that old, right?
Justin: No, I just can't believe you're that old when you look so young!

It's too bad Doris doesn't do marks, because he would so get an A!
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Chris is reading brain-teaser questions to Justin, who got a set of them for Christmas from their grandparents.

Chris: OK, here's one: "Two nurses were going for lunch. One nurse is the mother of the other nurse's daughter. How could this be possible?"
Justin: (immediately) They're gay.

Which works, by the way, but the card had another answer )
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The first time the boys put on their mittens this year, they lost 'em. Hence the new rule. They can have more (we're in Canada; they're not a luxury item) but they'll have to pay for them.

Justin: This is a great new rule. Because when you're a grownup, you have to keep track of things. If you don't keep track of your babies, they can die of electric shock. Babies are like mittens that move!


Oct. 1st, 2008 11:32 am
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Daniel: Wal-Mart is the quintessential Big Box Store, isn't it?
Justin: (bewildered) Voldemort?
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(Pointing at the dollhouse, which is in shambles) Who in holy haggis did this?!
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Justin has not started the day well. He has been hyper, motor-mouthed, and belligerent, and it's only ten and Chris and I already feel like killing him. Instead I take him aside and have a long, long talk about Behaviour and Attitude and Respect. Finish up my spiel with the Interactive Part, which is part of every good parenting discussion, wherein the parent asks the errant child what he/she can do to translate the topics discussed into behaviour. This is done so that the child can have ownership of his/her actions, and find solutions to behavioural difficulties that are meaningful because they came from the child him/herself.

Me: ::sum up what we've talked about, Behaviour, Attitude and Respect:: So, what can you do to have a better day? Starting right now?
Justin: I can make a pie!
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"They're like little tiny flying me's, but much more annoying."

- Justin, describing the Cornish pixies featured in Harry Potter & The Chamber of Secrets.

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