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Daniel: I'm thankful for pie.
Justin: Oh, yeah! Because if you have pie, that also means you have good parents, and you have good food, and... and you've got all sorts of good things! If you have pie.
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Me: ::to Justin:: Don't listen to Daddy, he's crazy.
Chris: Don't listen to Mama, she's crazy.
Me: In fact, don't listen to either of us, because we're just voices in your head, because you're crazy.

Chris: I am going to try to do one thing, and then I will make dinner.
Me: OK, how about twitching your ears?
Chris: What?
Me: You said you were going to try to do one thing. I'm giving you suggestions.
Chris: Let me rephrase that. I am going to try to do one thing that will get us thousands of dollars. Now, if you can find a way for us to get thousands of dollars by me twitching my ears, I will be happy to do that. I will twitch till the cows come home.


In other news, one of the possible independent research projects at school involves doing research for the David Suzuki Foundation! EEEEE!!!

Man, I hope I can get it. So, so much! Must send a cover letter, CV and transcript by Sept 12. ::crosses all fingers and toes::
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Snippet from tonight's bedtime story, made up by Justin:

So then [the villain] says, "Come out and fight like a man!"

"Um... I'm a girl."

"Well then, come out and fight like a man... girl. A man-girl."

And [the heroine] says, "I'm a girl!"

"Come out and fight like a man-girl - a woman!"

And she says, "You're really stupid!" and she walks away.
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The message that television sends then is that the problem of racism lies with black people - that it exists in our minds and imaginations. On a recent episode of Law & Order, a white lawyer directs anger at a black woman and tells her, "If you want to see the cause of racism, look in the mirror."

- bell hooks, Killing Rage

Name that ep, people. You know you want to :)


It is not as though the Treaty 8 First Nations did not pay dearly for their entitlement to honourable conduct on the part of the Crown; surrender of the aboriginal interest in an area larger than France is a hefty purchase price.


The Crown's second broad answer to the Mikisew claim is that whatever had to be done was done in 1899. The Minister contends:

While the government should consider the impact on the treaty right, there is no duty to accommodate in this context. The treaty itself constitutes the accommodation of the aboriginal interest; taking up lands, as defined above, leaves intact the essential ability of the Indians to continue to hunt, fish and trap. As long as that promise is honoured, the treaty is not breached and no separate duty to accommodate arises. [Emphasis added.]

This is not correct. Consultation that excludes from the outset any form of accommodation would be meaningless. The contemplated process is not simply one of giving the Mikisew an opportunity to blow off steam before the Minister proceeds to do what she intended to do all along.

- Mikisew Cree First Nation v. Canada (Minister of Canadian Heritage)[2005] S.C.J. No. 71


I'll probably post some quotes from another case I just read... later. When I'm feeling slightly less horrified/nauseated about it. Like, maybe next year.
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Mom #1: [talking about how much her daughters loved Snow White when they were little, and how they all knew all the songs, watched it all the time, and how deeply she loathed it by the time the obsession was finally finished]

Mom #2: You know, I never got Snow White. I mean, one woman, living with seven little men? What was up with that?

Mom #3: Yeah it is a little weird, isn't it.

Mom #1: Oh god, my innocence is totally damaged. I'm never going to be able to look at the movie the same way.

Me: Ever hear George Carlin's take on it? He did this routine about how nursery tales and stories were all about drugs-

Mom #3: Alice in Wonderland sure was, anway.

Me: So he goes through all seven dwarfs, talks about what they were all in to. Dopey, of course-

Mom #3: Yeah that one's obvious.

Me: And Sleepy was too many ludes, Grumpy was too much speed-

Mom #1: Sneezy would have to be a little cokehead, right?

Me: Yeah. Doc was a connection.

Mom #1: What about Happy?

Me: He was into everything. Oh, yeah, and Bashful. He didn't do drugs, he was paranoid all on his own.

Mom #1: And Snow White-

Mom #3: Well that one's kind of obvious.

Mom #2: Running around, taking care of seven little men.

Mom #1: Drug-addicted little men.

Mom #3: Oh my god, she was running a little Disney crack-house in the forest.
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OK, I have not read the stories these are from, am not familiar with the fandoms, and have no idea if the fics are good, bad or ugly in their entirety. All I know is somebody on [ profile] danglypartsiple thought each had a snippet worth a mention:


ETA: From [ profile] linealyn, here's my world map. Looks more impressive than it is; my father was an airline pilot, so I travelled all over the place as a kid, but for many of these exotic locales, my strongest memories involve things like really comfy beds or nice chocolates or a restaurant where they served kiddie drinks with a cool little umbrella.

create your own visited countries map
or vertaling Duits Nederlands
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Me: What I was just doing was so much fun! But I'm not going to tell you about it.
Chris: Why, would it shock me?
Me: No, bore you. I was working on the Law Review footnotes.
Chris: Ah. Yeah, don't tell me about that. Would you like to hear what I was doing? Getting my new billing number and setting up hospital privileges?
Me: No. But maybe we can tell each other at the exact same time, so we get to talk but can't hear each other.
Chris: Ooh, good idea!


In other news, my car remains dead.


I can't quite believe that the anti-flag burning amendment didn't pass in the Senate. Weird. And now I've got stuck in my mind "Thoughts on the Flag" by Tommy Cash.

I wonder if I can convince Chris to rent Walking the Line. I'm no fan of country music, but my father had a copy of "Johnny Cash Live at San Quentin" that I'm very fond of. My kids are fond of it too; they love "A Boy Named Sue" (also love that one of my inmate students once called me "A Girl Named Jim"), "San Quentin", and "Starkville City Jail Lyrics".

Yes, I like Johnny Cash. And the Indigo Girls. And Ozzy Osbourne. And choral music. And Andean pan pipe music, Zamfir, Charles Aznavour, and ABBA. My random playlist is actually random :)


OH!! I almost forgot!

Toronto made it to the top of two lists of cities around the world this week. One list was "fifty most expensive cities", and Toronto squeaked in at #47.

The other was "most polite cities in the world". Selected by researchers going to cities around the world and dropping their wallets, trying to open doors while holding awkward packages, etc, and seeing how often other people helped them. Toronto came in third.

Who ranked first and second? Zurich and, believe it or not, New York, New York. Which is hysterical, IMHO. GO New YORK!!


Jun. 24th, 2006 08:36 pm
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Trip was exhausting, loopy from sleep deprivation and jet lag, my home smells of cat litter, finally got all the sand out of my TMI, gained five pounds, wow the internets have been busy in my absence.


Watching Pirates of the Caribbean with dinner:
Daniel: What does "Open fire" mean?
Justin: Fire at will.
Chris: Yeah, fire at will.
Daniel: "AAAAAAAAAA!!!" yells Will Turner!
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Last night in our bed:

Me: (snuggling) Mmm, you're warm. And clean. And you smell nice.
Chris: And you?
Me: Well, I'm warm. And I did my delousing just last week. Which should also help with the smell thing.
Me: Not sexy?
Chris: No, it's sexy - I'm also picturing you wearing nothing but your burlap bag, which makes it even sexier.
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Daniel: (telling Chris about our day) First, we biked all the way to Experimental Farm. Then we watched the animals, had lunch, played, walked around, watched the animals some more, played some more, then we got on our bikes and came all the way back, then we went to the grocery store, then we got all our food at the grocery store, then we got back on our bikes and brought aall the groceries home!

Justin: Now can I tell some of the cut-out scenes that Daniel didn't tell?
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Anyone catch the reference?


So I'm talking to Chris yesterday about the perils of trying to write (and read) sex scenes:

Me: I think a big part of the problem is that there aren't any emotionally neutral terms for genitals. There's nothing that can't be considered crude, or silly, or prissy, or overly formal, or whatever. Whatever word you use is going to make somebody squirm.

Chris: Penis is a perfectly good word.

Me: No, it's... medicinal. Like things are going along so well, Oh, oh, baby, yes - and then all of a sudden there's lab coats in the room.

Chris: ::laughs::

Me: What's needed are words that don't bring up any negative conotations. Like green, or red-

Chris: ::naughty bedroom voice:: Oh, oh baby, let me put my grreen in your red...

Me: Oh, never mind.
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  • Days till Chris' exams start: 12
  • Days till Chris' exams end: 23
  • Days left to finish my tertiary edit: 8
  • Pages done: 30
  • Pages left: 35
  • Days till my CivPro exam: 22
  • Pages of text left to read: ugh
  • Pages of statutes left to read: double ugh
  • Distance from ideal weight: 15 pounds
  • Distance from realistic ideal weight: 5 pounds
  • Number of weeks I've been at that weight: 5


Found these quotes in a text file, from fics whose names I can no longer remember:

The spell is costae emendo. Don't let Draco do it - he'll make a cock-up of it and wind up transfiguring his ribs into macaroni. As long as he's complaining, demanding things, and making you want to wring his neck, he's fine. If he's pale and quiet and insists that he's all right and just wants to be left alone for a while, send word as soon as you can by Dobby.


"Thank you, Dobby," Harry said, and handed the note to Draco. "Dobby... why do you call me 'Harry Potter' and Draco 'Master Draco'?"

Dobby's ears drooped a little. "Dobby forgets, sir," he said apologetically. "Dobby remembers when Master Draco is tiny and is trying to cast horrible curses on Dobby when he is not wanting to take a nap." He sniffled nostalgically.


"I was three years old, Potter," Draco said absently, looking at the note in exasperation. "My mastery of the Cruciatus curse left a bit to be desired. It made the house elves sneeze."

Edit: Found it! How bloody embarassing; it was from a fic I'd just finished re-reading. The Shadow of His Wings.
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Me: Do you remember how much money I contributed to the Ontario NDP in 1999?
Chris: No, why?
Me: According to this website, it's $120.
Chris: What? How can that be on the web? It's tax information.
Me: I dunno, I just googled myself and that's what I found. I also found out that apparently I'm also a photographer in Argentina. See? I'm a busy girl.
Chris: Huh. ::clicks on one of the other links:: You're also working at Queen's, still.
Me: Yup.
Chris: Who's your two-year old son?
Me: That was probably Daniel.
Chris: Oh, I thought maybe that was your other son. With your other husband, from your other life.
Me: My Argentinian son, you mean.
Chris: Yeah.

Legolas: This forest is old. Very old. Full of memory... and anger.
Daniel: Like our cat.
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  • Justin has just been singing "Elmo sucks!" for about five minutes, at the top of his voice.

  • Went to see Guy and found two very old pictures:My parents, and me )

  • Typed up all of my CivPro notes. Phew. I love March Break. I especially love the part where I send my kids to camp at the grocery store. They came home with snickerdoodles yesterday, and I swear Chris better hide the recipe for me because otherwise this whole "Ideal Weight" thing will kind of explode. Yummily.

  • Things I cannot share with my children, despite our mutual love of all things Harry Potter: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince: The Rude Bits. Basically, a fan with too much time on her hands (I know, shocking!) went through the book with her friends, hunting for anything and everything that could be made to sound naughty. A small sample:

    • Slughorn to Albus: "There was no need to stick the wand in that hard," he said gruffly, clambering to his feet. "It hurt."

    • I need to see the place where Malfoy keeps coming secretly (p.429)

    • The battle still raged inside his head: Ginny or Ron? (ch. 24)

    • And of course, the hands-down favourite: "I need to see what Draco Malfoy is doing inside you."
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Chris: What's this?
Me: Oh, those are presents for [ profile] ninja_kat Jr.
Chris: How come?
Me: I bought him presents for Christmas, but I haven't been able to find them.
Chris: What were they?
Me: Pretty much the same as those, 0-6 month baby toys.
Chris: Oh. I thought those were for me. They were so much fun...
Me: Haha.
Chris: I thought they were sex toys, though, so they're kind of wrecked.

Chris: If I'm having an affair, the woman I'm with is my mistress. So what's the pool-boy? My mister?
Me: Haha. I think it's your luhvaah.
Chris: No, seriously, though. There's got to be a proper name for him.
Me: Dunno.
Chris: Well what do you call your pool-boy?
Me: Ted.
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In no particular order:

Justin is six years old today. Exactly six years ago today, on the day that we were supposed to celebrate Daniel's third birthday, Justin chose to enter our lives rather precipitously. He was born at home, three hours after my water broke, with Chris, Daniel, Todd & Susan (godparents), Turtle (godsister), a midwife, student midwife, two secondary midwives, and a secondary student midwife, all crowded into my bedroom.

And, since we already had the cake and presents and most of the birthday party guests were already in our home, we decided to hold the party anyway. Hence the following picture, in which the birthday boy and his godsister are about to eat cake, my mother is sitting next to me on the bed, and you can barely see, within the blankets, Justin's little tiny 7-hour-old foot.

Happy Birthday to Daniel, Happy Birth Day to Justin )


Chris: Did you know Tentacle is a specific genre of anime, which involves tentacle-sex?
Me: Augh! Why do you tell me these things?!
Chris: Love you! G'night!


Justin: Mama, I'm out of that paint - that human-coloured paint, can I have some more? (it was a dark tan/light brown, BTW. I love Ottawa ;)


::voices growing louder as they ascend the stairs::
Justin: ...I WILL!
Daniel: ...and I can't believe you're going to tell on me for something that petty, Justin. Do I ever do that to you?
Justin: ::at the study door:: ::pause:: Yeah, I guess you're right. But Daniel, ::and the voices grow softer as they run back down the stairs, and I never do find out what the petty thing was::


So J.K. Rowling has made a little family tree, for Sirius Black's family, and apparently there's marriages there to various well-known names in previous generations: Longbottom, Crouch, Bulstrode, and even a Potter, a few generations back. Which has fans thinking: We know Sirius is Draco Malfoy's cousin. If Harry's related to Sirius, could it be that Harry is Draco's cousin too?

To which Daniel immediately says, "Cousin. Totally his cousin. In conclusion: cousin." And he does not understand why Mama dissolves into a puddle of giggles.

See, they've seen Troy (minus some of the gorier/nakeder parts), and I had shown Daniel the Troy in Fifteen Minutes parody script, and explained that one of the things that had been mocked in the movie was that Achilles' lover Patroclus was turned into his "cousin". Hence the funniness of the lines:

ODYSSEUS: Lookin' good there, kid. What is he, your--
ACHILLES: Cousin. He's my cousin. Cousin. Totally my cousin. In conclusion: Cousin.

But Daniel is not aware (nor will I enlighten him as to this) that his use of the line has made Mama lose it because there's also a ginormous number of Harry Potter fans who swear that Harry and Draco are... well... um... Cousins. ;)

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