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... with Taylor Mali, a slam poet, whose What do teachers really make? made me want to stand up and cheer.

BTW, an alternate title for it is apparently "If you can't make it as a teacher, be a lawyer" - which I find hysterical because, um, that's me. I didn't go into law school because I finally realized I was meant to do more with my life than "just" teach. I went into it in part because I just didn't have what it took to be a teacher my entire life.

Also: Like, you know? is something I'm really glad I hadn't viewed before now because there were at least two students in my class this month who I constantly wanted to poke with sharp sticks over this very issue. Because they were really smart, but you kinda like couldn't tell, you know? And had I seen this video first... well, it just might have been ugly?

Tony Steinberg: Brave Seventh Grade Viking Warrior This isn't a video, it's text only. Have tried to describe it six times, no dice. "Gutwrenching" comes close.
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Obvious blinking neon lights of badficage, Part XXV:
  • Summary line reads I don't know why I like dark peoms, but I do.

  • Summary line reads hope INSTAND MESSAGING stories are alright, will someone please tell me if they are not because when I read the terms it didnt say they werent specifically!

  • Title is "Your The Music In Me"
    Summary line reads Hermione has always been the bookworm and she hates it so over the summer she changes.Will this change bring troulble or will this change bring love

Ah, How I love you.

And now, good fic:

Bedtime Story by emiime
Summary: Arthur Weasley tells his sons a bedtime story.
Genre: Humour.
Rating: G
Warnings: I think the author has children.
All right. Percy, don't let George slip off the chair. There you are. Hold onto him tightly.
Not that tightly.

Yes, Molly is Mummy's first name. Bill, don't hit your brother. He is not stupid for not knowing Mummy's name.
Percy, stop sniffling, please. Use your handkerchief.

No, I was with my mummy, and your mummy was with her mummy.
Yes, I suppose that is an awful lot of mummies.
That's right, Bill, there are mummies in Egypt, but they are a different sort of mummy. They're all wrapped up in bandages.
Yes, George, I see your bandage. That was quite a scrape you got. But I'm afraid you'll need much more than just that one bandage before you'll look like a mummy.
No, you may not use the toilet roll.
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No, not Spanish links. Fannish links. To three pictures, drawn by [ profile] seviet (Marta), who is a drawing goddess and who drew the ginormous Potterverse, a group portrait of 143 characters (including ghosts, familiars, and magical beasts) mentioned in books 1-6.

Yeah, I know. 143 characters. I get verklempft when I try to draw more than two.

Anyway, she's back and she's smokin', and since her latest pix are from Deathly Hallows, they go behind a Deathly Hallows Spoiler cut )

Here's links to two of her non-canon drawings (she does scenes from the books and scenes from fanfiction/thin air), drawn after Half-Blood Prince, both of which became AU after Deathly Hallows came out:

I think I'll go see whether Daniel can tell me why they're now AU :)

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