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The ice was awful; the temp was over 1C so it was soft, and we've gotten what feels like a foot of snow. The Skateway Conditions site called it "Poor."

We all got chilled through despite the warm temp.

The line-up for Beavertails was endless.

Our ankles are blistered.

My back and thighs hurt like &%$#.

But we did it.

7.8K in approximately 3 hours (with many many many breaks, because of the crappiness of the ice.)

So happy.
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  1. Probably should stop skating and going to TKD on the same day. It always ends in tears.

  2. OTOH, it was a pretty good day. Third time on the Canal this year; the ice wasn't as smooth as on Tuesday, but it was nice to be able to see. Tuesday's outing with the Cubs was... dark.

  3. Then again, we did visit the "end" of the Skateway. Have lived in Ottawa since I was eight, and had never once in my whole entire life seen the 7.8K mark - or the 0.0K mark, for that matter. We always just skate around the middle.

  4. Wind today? A little brutal. Awesome to skate with it at our backs, though :D :D :D

  5. TKD red/black belt class? Also brutal. But also awesome. I would love to learn how to do reverse kicks without falling down or ending up kicking myself.

  6. Bring on Old People Veteran Class tomorrow. Damn young whippersnappers can have their Friday night keggers, or whatever it is they do these days; us seniors will do warm-up diligently "unless you're getting tired," and spar "unless you're really wiped."

  7. Found out our pumpkin cookie recipe is extremely low-fat. Wish I hadn't. Now I want to eat more.

  8. Kids went to Aviation Museum to do a workshop. During the workshop I chatted with a mom whose seven-year-old daughter is now a son. Realized I only know/know of three transgendered people in my life, and all have been female-to-male.

    No, the mom doesn't know if her son will always want to be a boy. But she figues he's been pretty clear on it for the last three years, has become pretty adamant about it in the last six months, and if he changes his mind later on in life, at least he'll know that his parents are there for him no matter what.

  9. Cannot imagine how challenging it must be to parent a (possibly) transgender kid, and the self-doubts and second-guessing that must be part of... everything, really. My admiration for this woman knows no bounds.

  10. I really hurt. My feet and ankles and shins, mostly. Also my back. Thighs are a little iffy too.

  11. Will not be doing tournament training this Sunday, as I will be at my choir's Black History Month concert. Which is going to be wicked, despite the fact that one of the songs we're singing is a song I loathed with deep passion when we sang it at the Homeschooling Choir a few years ago, and it brought me the most joy right after we finished singing it in concert, because that meant we wouldn't have to sing it any more.

  12. This! We're going to be doing this! No, we're not singing Africa, nor are we making rain for the Loathed Song. We're going to do it for another song, appropriately named Rain, from Ladysmith Black Mambazo. I can't wait.

  13. The whole concert is going to be awesome. Well worth skipping TKD tournament training :D :D :D

  14. Must not forget to make munchies for the concert. I know! Pumpkin oatmeal cookies!

  15. Will do Family Day next Monday, when the whole world isn't doing it too. I want to skate the entire 7.8k length. Never done it before. Am possibly insane.

  16. Will not be attending TKD that night. Am not that insane.

  17. Yeah, that's about it.

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