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Our last day. We mostly just hung out in Waikoloa, went to the beach, saw a few of the ruins close by our hotel )
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... yes, it's still Day 9.
Yea, though I walk to the valley of the shadow... )
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Toldja it was a long trip. Here's where we went up around the horn of the Big Island, and learned what they meant by "there's 11 types of ecosystems in the world, and the Big Island has nine of them."

From scrub to jungle, Kamehameha, and How Green Was My Valley )
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Hey! I suddenly realized that because of uploading and travel and General Life Stuff, I never did finish my travelogue of Hawai'i. Only got to Day 8.

So, here's Day 9. Or rather, part of Day 9. Day 9 was busy. It was the day that we did the driving tour the concierge at the resort suggested, going up the northern coast of Hawai'i's Big Island and around the tip and then back through the mountains. We saw ruins and monuments and sand and cliffs and greenery and more sand and of course, lots and lots and lots of lava :)

Lots and lots of files. Um, I mean, pix. Name that quote. )


Jun. 24th, 2006 08:36 pm
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Trip was exhausting, loopy from sleep deprivation and jet lag, my home smells of cat litter, finally got all the sand out of my TMI, gained five pounds, wow the internets have been busy in my absence.


Watching Pirates of the Caribbean with dinner:
Daniel: What does "Open fire" mean?
Justin: Fire at will.
Chris: Yeah, fire at will.
Daniel: "AAAAAAAAAA!!!" yells Will Turner!


Jun. 23rd, 2006 02:06 pm
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Well, we're off, last day in Hawai'i followed by 18 hours of travel.

I don't want to go home.
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Day 7

Two days, in pictures. Not even remotely dial-up friendly.

submarines, fish, more fish, dolphins, sharks, wrecks, petroglyphs, sea-cucumber spit, and flowers )
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Yesterday was a day to just sort of hang around. Being lazy butts & regrouping, after a few days where we went up (airplane) and down (submarine) and in between (snorkeling) and round and round.

Today we decided we'd regrouped enough and went driving. Up north to Spencer Beach, preceded by a Visitor Centre that we just sort of stumbled across which featured a huge temple built by Kamehameha I. Walked around the temple, went down to the beach and discovered salt (re-discovered how much I love home schooling while we were at it), went driving again and discovered crab exoskeletons at the next stop, went around the point of the north of the island and Bang! we were in a totally different ecosystem (dry, volcanic brush gave way to Rainforest Like Whoa, got to a gorgeous valley and hiked aaaall the way down, to the black sand beach, and then aaaaaaaaaall the way back up again...

...and now we're back.

Daniel quote: This is definitely on my to-do list for when I have kids. I'm taking them to Hawaii.

Justin quote: ::waitress rattles off 17-item list of specials at a fancy restaurant:: ::pause while waitress moves to other table:: ::slow swivel towards us:: Hunh??!

Probably only funny if you were one of the grownups who was desperately trying to not do the exact same thing.

Edited to Add: Editing. Got kicked off the internet last night in the middle of making this post, so I wasn't able to edit it and I didn't even know it had been posted successfully.
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Made up a new dish tonight:

1 cup fresh pineapple, very small bite-sized chunks
1 banana, sliced
1 filet of swordfish, cut into bite-sized chunks

  1. boil up a bit of water in a frying pan
  2. once water has boiled, add the pineapple
  3. once pineapple is warmed up, add banana
  4. once banana has started to fry (some water should have boiled away by now), lower heat to medium and add swordfish
  5. stir frequently, turning swordfish until there are no pink bits
  6. once all pink bits are cooked, lower heat to low and stir infrequently until you're ready to serve
  7. add a bit of salt to taste when serving
  8. you may or may not serve banana and pineapple you used to cook the fish; I chose to serve it, but it had mixed success. I liked it, Chris and Daniel ate it, but Justin declared it to be utterly foul.

ETA: I served it with uncooked banana and pineapple on the side. That went over very well :)

Great success with this dish. It also went very well with a pineapple-based wine. I had no idea there even was such a thing as pineapple wine.

By the way, I've had three glasses. For me, this means I'm very well-lit ;)

Yes, I realize the above recipe is not something most people will ever have the chance to cook. We're in Hawaii; orange juice and tea cost a month's salary, but swordfish and pinapples are almost free.

Went snorkeling today. Wow, that's tiring. Pictures tomorrow.
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Went underwater today, but don't have the pictures for it. Both boys thrilled, Justin especially so, as he saw a shark.

I do have pictures from the last few days, though. There's lava, and leis, and hulas, and fire, and a faultline, and steaming lava, and more lava, and a valley. Which is just lava with green on top.

rub my lava lamp - dialup unfriendly )
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Our tenth anniversary dinner last night could not have been more different from our wedding dinner if we'd tried. That one was in Kingston, Ontario, on a budget - a small one. Friends and family at Queen's Meds House, some munchies provided by a local restaurant and the rest provided by our friends, and paper plates (no, we weren't total cheapskates - our fancy sit-down dinner was lunch, about half as pricey as dinner).

Last night was us and our kids at a Luau in Kona. There were Hawaiian tattoos, hula lessons, and palm-leaf crafts. There was some Hawaiian history, stories about King Kamehameha I, a royal procession, and incredible food (including imu-roasted pig, poi, and coconut pudding). And cheese, lots and lots of cheese. From the MC, not the buffet. And dancing, from Tahiti, Hawaii, New Zealand, Fiji, and Samoa. The boys were thrilled to finally see a real Haka, having heard about them from the Lord of the Rings DVD Extras. BTW, anybody who knows where that comes up in the DVDs? You're a great big geek, and I love you deeply.

Kind of weird, to think we've been married ten years. It seems longer, somehow. Chris put it very well a few weeks ago, when we realized the date was coming up: "Yeah, ten years married to you. Ten... well, really awful years, actually."

We had to laugh, because otherwise we'd cry. Those ten years brought us a lot of wonderful things: our kids, good times together, degrees earned, good jobs, good friends... but they also included residency, Chris' motorcycle accident, severe depression for both of us, a hysterectomy for me, the deaths of my grandmother and all four of Chris' grandparents, and my mother and Guy. It's not exactly the stuff glowing nostalgia is made of.

Though it's great fodder for gallows humour, which Chris and I have in abundance.

Here's hoping the next ten are a little less laden with trauma-drama. Um, please.


No trauma-drama on the first day of our second decade together. Today we went horseback riding near Waimea with Hawaiian paniolos (which, we have learned, is a Hawaiianization of EspaƱoles, as the first cowboys who taught Hawaiians how to handle horses and cattle were Spanish vaqueros. Faily amusing to this Paniola.)

So we went horseback riding, which the boys had never done, and Chris had not done since he was 13 and got thrown from a horse and picked up a major horse phobia. Which is less debilitating than a hose phobia, which is how I spelled it the first time. Especially for somebody who loves to garden as much as Chris does.

Sure wish I'd had a camera. The boys were so happy. Quote of the ride was from Justin: "I would rather go horseback riding than do my exchange!!" (exchange = 30 minutes of computer time)

I don't know who I was prouder of: the boys, for doing so incredibly well on horseback, their first time ever, or Chris, for getting back on a horse after having a phobia so acute that he didn't even want to hear about horses when I first met him.

Rather bittersweet moment for me, though. I think my dad would've been proud of Daniel and Justin, for carrying on a multi-generational tradition of horsemanship in our family. Both of my dad's parents were avid horseback riders. I believe (though the details are very hazy) that my grandfather's military/police-type career had a lot to do with horses. My dad grew up going to his uncle's farm every summer, where long rides were one of the main forms of entertainment. I was sent to riding lessons when I was a kid, and went on a couple of trail rides out of Banff, a dude ranch in... Nevada? And a two-day mule trek down the Grand Canyon.

And now here's my kids, thrilled to be on horseback, taking to it naturally their first time on, and asking if we can do this more regularly when we get back to Ottawa.


Tomorrow: up in a plane to fly over active volcanoes! The boys are very excited. They've got a bit of an unhealthy fascination with natural disasters - volcanoes, earthquakes, tornadoes, etc. They recently lived through a harmless earthquake (a bit of rumbling in Orleans a few months ago) so they're quite eager to witness a harmless eruption. Should be cool :)
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OK, so, I'm actually updating. It'll probably be short; Daniel's already awake and I'm sure Justin will wake soon too.

The plane trip was long. I don't know how long to Vancouver, four hours in the airport, another 5:30 to Honolulu. Thank god for older kids who can read or listin to somebody else read to them and do some writing/drawing to keep themselves entertained, and play a board game in the airport to avoid just running up and down the terminal and causing mayhem wherever they go. Though Justin was... a bit difficult at times.

Honolulu was gorgeous. Justin and I woke up distresingly early and went down to take a look at the hotel grounds (Hilton Village). Returned 45 minutes later, having seen African Black Penguins, turtles, flamingos, all kinds of flowers, a pool, a breakfast stand, the beach, a couple of fountains, a corner store that sold (among other necessities) dried squid, and did I mention we didn't leave the hotel grounds?

Justin was so wired I could've plugged a spotlight into him and it would've lit up Ottawa. I wasn't too far behind.

Had a wonderful time wandering around with Chris and Daniel after they got up. Had a lovely but hideously expensive breakfast on the beach, bought some sunglasses and sandals, and spent the rest of the day in the beach. I think we could've spent the next ten days there and been deliriously happy. Then spent the next four years paying for the trip.

Instead, we came to the Big Island. The kids and Chris like it, though Justin was a tad grumpy about leaving Honolulu and having to get back on a plane.

Myself... I'm not so thrilled here. For one thing where we are it's nothing but lava and artificial, manicured grass. The lava landscape is really, really cool for the first little while... but then starts to look a little bleak. And golf-course-smooth grass offends my senses of environmental consciousness and esthetics. The resort we're in is stunning (Justin woke up and said something like, "It's like you open the bedroom door and you're in a mansion!!") but the thought of how much water & other stuff goes to building and maintaining all of this makes me a little queasy. And it all looks kind of... plastic.

And although there is a lot to do here, it seems like you have to drive a hell of a lot to get from one thing to another. I'm not fond of driving. Especially when what you're driving through either looks stark and lifeless, or completely fabricated.

Oh well. We've only been here one day, and haven't really done much other than drive around getting settled in and spend some time at the beach. Today we start Doing Things.

OK, kids are up. Gotta go.

Oh, BTW, today's our tenth wedding anniversary. One-oh ;)
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not nauseated toda
thought i'd post a longer entry
beaches good
big island volcanic
don't bring dogs to the beach
boys dance hula too
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In Hawaii
Mostly, having a great time, only been here one day
Right now, extremely nauseated and on an unfamiliar laptop
More tomorrow

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