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Dances With Nerds.
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Who is that?
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Anyone can see the bad in other people. Try to see the good instead.
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"El toque! El toque!"

My earliest memory is of freaking out because either we or somebody we knew was going to have something horrible horrible happen to them because they were out after curfew (toque) in Santiago, shortly after Pinochet took over. I would've been almost three years old, as the coup happened on September 11 and I turned three in December.

I'm told that apparently when I freaked out it was early afternoon, and thus nowhere near curfew time, but apparently my time sense was about as sophisticated as that of most two year olds.
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Yes. And yes.

If I were Supreme Dictator of Earth, everyone would have the right to have one child, and lose that right in extreme circumstances (eg if onvicted of mass murder). The right to have more than one child would also be given only in extreme circumstances (eg, winners of a country's highest Medal Of Serious Awesomeness.

Don't ask me pesky details like who gets to choose what "extreme circumstances" are, or how the limit would be enforced, or what happens if your child dies, or how would the world deal with a world-wide population heavily skewed towards the elderly with fewer and fewer members of the able-bodied working generations to support them.

I would probably make a terrible Supreme Dictator of Earth.
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Residence Don at Queen's University. Endless and utterly useless meetings, makework administrivia extravaganzas, a psycho coworker I had to formally divorce halfway through the year, and resident students whose self-absorption, sense of entitlement, and sheer whinyness to this day remains almost unequaled in my experience. Keep in mind, I worked with federal inmates and mothered two toddlers since then. Oh, and having my job description suddenly include discipline matters, security duties, and picket-line crossing, which you better believe was not what I had signed up for.

Also some really cool coworkers and residents who I still remember fondly, but overall, I would rather scrub septic tanks for a living than go back to that job.

What would come out of my mouth? Nothing printable, I assure you.
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Yes, and lots.

Ironic, seeing this as the writer's block prompt for today. We just had a fight over this - mementos, clutter, memories - yesterday.

It's funny, but not in a humorous way, how often people really have no concept of what they have that's valuable. I have a lot of crap around my house. I do not have a lot of family. I grew up as an only child of a single mother, and an immigrant; I have a father, siblings, aunts uncles and cousins by the dozen, but not a single one of them was there during my childhood and most of them are people I've only ever seen in bits and drabs. I always wanted a big family while I was growing up: brothers and sisters, cousins to visit more than once every five years or so, all of that. Instead I have mementos around the house: books that belonged to my mom, toys I played with as a child, old clothes of mine or my mother's... crap, basically.

Chris had all of what I wanted, and still has scads of parents/siblings/extended family that he could stay in touch with, if he wanted. I have stuff. He doesn't get my stuff, doesn't see why I hang on to it. He's also never been much into keeping in touch with his own friends and family; I was the one who used to push to go see them, spend Christmas with them, yadda yadda. It's not that he doesn't love them; he just doesn't think about them very much, or understand how lucky he is to have them in his life. And my in-laws are mostly wonderful people, but the one thing that was made clear to me during the whole painful disaster of the last few years was that they are not my family. I'm just attached to Chris and the kids, who are part of the clan. I don't have a family; I have stuff. I would cheerfully kill for what Chris has... but am left with books and knickknacks instead, and a husband who wants me to get rid of them, because they're worthless and create clutter.

And I'm too tired to fight him on this any more, so it's all going to ValueVillage. My mother's clothes, her doll collection, my books, my old toys, whatever. I was going to spend the Easter Weekend decluttering anyway, getting rid of stuff that didn't hurt too much to lose, but it's easier to just dump it all into garbage bags and drop them off.

::re-reads above:: Well that was depressing. Um... Happy Easter, everyone?
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Only one, one of my many aunts. I'll put up with a lot from family, because, you know, they're family. You put up with them, they put up with you. Behaviour has to be pretty damaging to merit "GET OUT AND NEVER COME BACK." IMHO.

This aunt was manipulative, selfish, gossipy, allergic to truth, and just plain mean. I finally had enough of her about ten years ago (long story, had to do with an inheritance) and told her to GTFO. Have never regretted it. Was not at all surprised when I found out a few years ago that she had also stolen about $300 from us back when Chris and I were starving students.

Lovely woman. Lit up my life when she left it. Some people are just too poisonous to keep around, unless you're a masochist ;)
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Yes, yes and yes. UGH.

I have wanted to have kids since I was about ten. Didn't really think that much about being in a relationship or not. But damn, hard as it is to be a parent... why would anybody want to pressure anyone else into it? Whose business is it of ours whether or not anybody else chooses to marry and/or procreate? Why can't we accept that some folks just really don't need a "better half" to be happy, and have no desire to be totally responsible, 24/7, for another human being for at least eighteen years?

IMHO? A staggering portion of our societal problems stem from people entering/staying in relationships that do more harm than good, because they've been told they're worthless without a partner. And even more from people spawning when they have no real desire to do so and no aptitude for it, but have been brainwashed into thinking it's just what people are supposed to do.

I would like my boys to eventually get married and have kids. But. If I ever give even the slightest hint that I'm pressuring them to go that way, or that I think less of them because they've reached the ripe old age of whatever and haven't done so yet? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE SLAP ME. REALLY REALLY REALLY HARD.
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