Mar. 6th, 2006

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  • Countdown to Chris' final exams: 5 weeks

  • Distance from ideal weight: 16 pounds

  • Distance from realistic ideal weight: 6 pounds

  • Number of teeth Jacob has: 2. Sort of. Little teeny-weeny white lines that will become lower incisors.


Told Karolyn about Guy. Should really contact my father and stepmother and brothers too. Tomorrow.


Why Spellcheckers Are Not Proofreaders:
(And no, I won't provide the link; it's actually a relatively well-written fic, so I feel marginally better about myself just laughing, instead of pointing and laughing.)

  • The Dark Lord remained quite for a few moments...
    Quite... what?

  • The room in which I had lost my troubles to the chop, chop, drain, peal, chop.
    Tell me this doesn't make you see a chef gone slightly batty.

  • He turned to his shelves, paused, and then grabbed a small vile.

  • I still cannot bring myself to right his name.
    But can you wrong his name?

  • I gapped at Harry.
    Oh yeah? I Benetonned at him!

  • Untrusting, argent, stupid saviour of everything...
    Better than untrusting gules saviour. Sorry, obscure heraldry joke there.

  • The only light was faint moonlight coming from between the boards across a single window, and it reviled a room empty except for a couch...
    That grumpy old moonlight, reviling all it touches.

  • I watched as he started into his lap...
    Shouldn't you let him have some privacy for that?

  • I couldn't just wonder off into the world alone...

  • Her mother exclaimed, sending potato peals flying.

  • I smirked back at every look, trying to be cocky. Causal. Relaxed.
    I try to be non-causal whenever I can.

  • McGonagall was a rare site...
    And an even rarer area.

  • And sometimes it would be Harry in the library, pouring over books.
    Harry's bizarre secret idiosyncrasy. Mop that up, Harry.

  • Despite the fact that Severus surly would have rescued Harry anyway...
    Actually it makes sense this way too.

  • Amycus said, and giggling slightly, and wreathing.
    ... can't... even... wha?

  • Striding confidently—the shinning example of wronged yet dignified...

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