Mar. 8th, 2006

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He is driving us all around the bend. For the last several weeks now, he has been increasingly louder, rougher, hyperactive, frantic, pesky, annoying, and just all around crazy-making. Daniel is beside himself. I'm ready to throttle him. Chris is probably pretty damn happy he's studying till almost bedtime every single night.

I keep reminding myself that he was like this and worse when he was little. For years, this was all there was to him - plus destructiveness, since he routinely took hammers/scissors/blunt or sharp implements to everything in our home, be it walls, furniture, appliances, toys, etc. For years, there was no being near Justin without wincing from the noise and the random physical attacks. Not that he was deliberately violent, but his version of a hug would leave us bruised, and being near him inevitably meant being crashed into on a regular basis.

For years, he was like this. I swear I have no idea how we survived that. I only know that I don't care to repeat the experience. I believe it's been less than a month, so far, this time around, and it's incredibly draining.

Next week is March Break. The idea of having him home full time was causing my heart to sink every time I thought about it, but I was doing "positive self-talk" and telling myself it would be a good opportunity to bond, and maybe address the nature of his current difficulties, maybe even start turning this around, blah blah blah... and then I discovered Loblaws is holding Kids' March Break Cooking Camp, which is right up Justin's alley, and I'm sorry but to hell with the bonding experience. He's enrolled for the week. I only hope the cooking class people don't poison him halfway through the week.

The whole time I've been writing this, he's been confined to his room because Daniel and I can't take him any more. It's been about 35 minutes. There has not been a single break in the thumping, slamming, shooting sounds and screams.

::closing eyes, breathing in and out::

This too shall pass.

This too shall pass.

This too shall pass.

And if it doesn't... )

... and in the time it took me to write the paragraphs behind the lj-cut, he fell silent and is now asleep.
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  1. Happy ♀'s Day! Even though it's almost over in my time zone, and has been over for most of the rest of the world for a while.

  2. Happy Birthday [ profile] bear! Bear-related stuff behind this link that I hope is OK to post because hey, I had no idea the panda had been re-beared, or that chocolate-covered bacon was even possible, let alone edible, although I had heard from numerous sources that Harry and Draco are hot together. Come to think of it, I believe I first heard it from [ profile] bear! And then I heard it again. And again. And again. Possibly because she was still mad at me for having failed to succumb to the cosmic beauty of Orlando Bloom/Viggo Mortensen (sp) pleasedon'tkillmeifispelleditwrong and various other hairier-footed pairings. Though I did once read a fic with a very gay shirt. And another with, I believe, penguins.

    A fic about PENGUINS!! That's where I found a link to a story about gay penguins at a zoo! God, that's been bothering me for months.

    So yeah. Happy birthday, [ profile] bear.

  3. ...and I'm a little too spacey from choir practice and penguin-related epiphanies and lack of sleep to really want to bum myself out with the third purpose for this post. More on that tomorrow. It has to do with abortion and Bill Napoli.

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