Mar. 24th, 2006

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  • Apparently, I have an underactive thyroid, and my family doc wants to put me on a prescription to do something about that. Feh.

  • Tertiary editing. Rather stressful, yo. Because I'm like the second-last person to have anything to do with this piece, and if I screw up, nobody will figure it out until we go to print. Ack.

  • OTOH, tertiary editing = not having to deal with Assistant Editors. Good. My report card never once said "Doesn't work or play well with others" when I was a kid, but now that I'm a little older and wiser and less eager to be universally loved, I can admit it to myself: I don't like people much.

  • Senior Board meeting on Monday consisted of 90 min of gossip. University-sanctioned, well-intentioned, highly necessary, gossip. The Sr. Board has to approve or disapprove A. Eds who wish to join the Sr. Board for next year, so there we were, with our list of A. Eds, telling each other anything and everything we felt might be relevant in selecting candidates to fill our shoes next year. This guy's sourcing is superb. That girl's text edit was stellar. This other girl couldn't footnote her way out of a barn. Her buddy was really, really sweet, and really, really lazy. This other guy was... punctual. And, um... adequate. Also... inoffensive. Yeeaah.

    Lots of fun, actually. Forget the "doesn't work and play well with others", and replace it with "unless it involves bitching for a purpose."

  • I think I'm liking this whole "bonus icons" feature a little too much.

  • Choir is going swimmingly. It's so wonderful to be so relaxed - our next concert isn't till May, we're learning our songs fairly well, and at this stage cluelessness, flatness, and shrieking are all funny things. Kurt's "Sopranos will want to become familiar with the following musical notations: half notes, quarter notes, and eigth notes," makes us giggle.

  • "Tiny Fish For Japan" is a gorgeous song. At least, the choral arrangement of it is. Have never heard the Stan Rogers original version.

  • We may be getting an honest-to-god recording session! Apparently quite a few people were asking Kurt about CDs during our Black History Month concert.

    Oh! And!! Next year's tentative planning has us doing Black History Month again in February, instead of going back to Songs of Lurve. Glory Hallelujah and Nkosi Sikeleli, I'm in heaven.

  • Justin lost another tooth. Bottom right bicuspid. Bicuspid? Whatever the tooth is next to the incisors.

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