Apr. 10th, 2006

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  • Days till Chris' first exam: 1
  • Days till Chris' last exam: 12
  • Number of exams he has to write: 3
  • What Chris will be tested on during his exams: roughly 13 years of post-secondary education
  • Days till my first exam: 11
  • Days till my last exam: 11
  • Number of exams I have to write: 1
  • What I will be tested on during my exam: 2 months of CivPro
  • Days till my last Law Review edit deadline: -3
  • Days I was late handing it in: 2
  • Distance from ideal weight: 14
  • Distance from realistic ideal weight: 4
  • Rooms that desperately need cleaning upstairs: 4 (MB, BR1, STUDY, WC)
  • Rooms that desperately need cleaning downstairs: 3 (KIT, LIV, DIN)
  • Rooms that desperately need cleaning in the basement: 3 (WC, LAUNDRY, STORAGE)
  • Number of rooms in total: 10
  • Number of rooms in our house: 10
  • Screencaps I downloaded from mirabella's Narnia screencap 35
  • Icons made from the screencaps: 26
  • Number of text pages I have left to read: ?
  • Number of statutes I have left to read: Hm... ?
  • Number of cases I have left to read: Yeeah... I guess I better find out.
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Following a Narnia screencap posting by [livejournal.com profile] mirabellawotr the other day, I kind of... um...

26 more )

...yeah, I went just a liittle bit icon-happy last night. If anybody wants any of these, just LMK and go ahead and take 'em.



... and now back to my CivPro notes. ::yawn:: Is it exam time yet?

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