May. 22nd, 2006

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  • Chris just came back from CanGames. And he won a trophy! Geeklove :)

  • Justin read his first sentence the other day: "It is time for lunch." Apt, that.

  • Ate jellyfish today. I think it needs to grow on you.

  • Victoria Day tomorrow, huzzah! I'm always startled when I hear odd popping sounds in the evening on this weekend. Having never done anything to celebrate Victoria Day, other than sleeping in, I always wonder what festivities accompany the popping sounds.

  • Put up another month of the Thursday 100 Plus site. I'm up to May 2004.

  • I keep thinking I'm going to comment on people's ljs next time I log on... and then by the time I log on again, I can't find the entry I was going to comment on. I suck.

  • Justin's dress rehearsal for his ballet recital is tomorrow. Will try to get pictures, because it's all just too damn cute for words.

  • Ought not to have rented and watched Pirates of the Caribbean. Damn, that's a good movie. The kids want to own it.

  • I want this t-shirt.

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