Jun. 22nd, 2006

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Yesterday was a day to just sort of hang around. Being lazy butts & regrouping, after a few days where we went up (airplane) and down (submarine) and in between (snorkeling) and round and round.

Today we decided we'd regrouped enough and went driving. Up north to Spencer Beach, preceded by a Visitor Centre that we just sort of stumbled across which featured a huge temple built by Kamehameha I. Walked around the temple, went down to the beach and discovered salt (re-discovered how much I love home schooling while we were at it), went driving again and discovered crab exoskeletons at the next stop, went around the point of the north of the island and Bang! we were in a totally different ecosystem (dry, volcanic brush gave way to Rainforest Like Whoa, got to a gorgeous valley and hiked aaaall the way down, to the black sand beach, and then aaaaaaaaaall the way back up again...

...and now we're back.

Daniel quote: This is definitely on my to-do list for when I have kids. I'm taking them to Hawaii.

Justin quote: ::waitress rattles off 17-item list of specials at a fancy restaurant:: ::pause while waitress moves to other table:: ::slow swivel towards us:: Hunh??!

Probably only funny if you were one of the grownups who was desperately trying to not do the exact same thing.

Edited to Add: Editing. Got kicked off the internet last night in the middle of making this post, so I wasn't able to edit it and I didn't even know it had been posted successfully.
ciroccoj: (family)
Day 7

Two days, in pictures. Not even remotely dial-up friendly.

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