Jul. 5th, 2006

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A new edition of Summary Executions is up. Read and tremble in awe and fear:


Not stouthearted or masochistic enough to go read the carnage? Here are some of the highlights:

  • Entering his six year Harry with come face to face with his deepest fears. Death will be a common factor in his life this year, and trying to cope with those already lost leaves Harry tittering on the edge of sanity.

  • Looking back, it was all because of those blasted boxers. Yes, he would blame it on the boxers. That and her stupid knickers. And his sofa. And Blaise. And Colin. And that dratted cat. Oh, and buggering sperm. Yes, it was a conspiracy. Yes, that was it.

  • dumbdore has adopted six sons that are lil demon that can use elements of fire, air, earth, water.... do i tell you that their also demons

  • " Are you the shadow master?" Voldemort asked, turning to face the young Potter. Harry smirked darkly, holding up his hand to produce a ball of fire." What doe's it look like Voldie .. scared, well you should be, because right now I'm about to kick your a

  • Harry and Ginny have just gotten married and this is a story of their lives and the tiny conflicts they face! Rated M for sexual preferences, which start in the 1st chapter!

  • my version of Harrys 6th year. Dumbledore arrested, Sirius alive? im not a good writer so flame all you want i wont get better!


In other news, every so often I wonder at Chris' ability to belong wherever he lives, and not miss his home town. I was away from Ottawa for twelve years, and for the last eight, I wanted to go home. No matter how nice it was where I was - and Kingston and London were both great cities to live in - I didn't feel like I belonged. I was missing something. Feeling... centred, or anchored, or something. A lot of it had to do with missing my mother and my childhood friends, but they weren't the only reason I was homesick. I think a childhood spent moving around from one continent to another, with only my mother as a constant presence in my life, left me with an almost pathological need to set down roots and hang on to them for all I'm worth.

Chris doesn't have that. He misses his family, enjoys visiting Calgary, would've been happy to live there, but I longed to be back in Ottawa so he was just as happy to have us move here. And I'm not sure why the difference, because he moved around frequently too, as a kid. I think maybe the fact that he had a large family helped cushion the moves a bit.

Or maybe it's that his home province is Alberta that makes the difference. Who knows.

Why am I musing about this?

Alberta premier slams Al Gore interview attacking oilsands projects
'I don't listen to Al Gore in particular because he's a Democrat. And not only that, he's about as far left as you can go' )
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Since I'm sending these to individuals anyway, I thought I'd also post them here:

Note: some of the songs have the wrong artist name when you follow the link; AFAIK, the names I've got here are the right ones. Please for to LMK if I'm dead wrong.

ETA: Oh! OH! OH!! I don't know how I missed this, but on the Painful, Painful HP Summary Page, at the bottom, she's got Title Executions. A brief taste:

# Every clod has a silverlining
# Fallen Angles
# The American mofia princess goes to hogwarts!
# The Horse, the Leapord, and the Serpant
# The Protruding Stink Of Your Amazing Beauty

Ya know, [livejournal.com profile] bast2, you just might be on to something re. grown-up fandoms ;)

Except I recall some pretty eye-gouging stuff in L&O as well. "The proof of his desire rising through the steam" and [livejournal.com profile] kalio_plaid's tiny dancing link, which I believe starred such beauties as "'I think I lov ya girl' sadi Jack", come forcibly to mind. No matter how hard I swat them.

Oh! And the Ray Curtis/Edwerd Green drama where they kept a small rice paddy alive with the sheer volume of their teary output. What with both of them discovering their forbidden lust for one another the day they meet, and getting divorces the next day.

OK, going to go re-read some [livejournal.com profile] thursday100plus stuff to scrape those images off of my inner eye.

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