Oct. 2nd, 2006

Oh god.

Oct. 2nd, 2006 06:18 pm
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Gunman storms Amish school, kills girls.

Three killed at the scene before shooter took his own life, police say )

This is the fourth school shooting in North America in the last month, and the second where the killer specifically targetted girls. One of the victims was six years old.
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I keep thinking I realized several months ago that we hadn't had anybody over for dinner, or gone to visit friends ourselves, since roughly May 2005. I resolved to do something about that and get out again, and see real people. And... here I am, still resolved to do that, but it's several months later and so far I've gone to dinner at one friend's house. And it was wonderful, and great to see her, but I can't get the energy to go out again.

There's always something to be done. After the funeral. After Chris' exams are done. After we've come back from Hawaii. After we've recovered from the funeral and Chris' exams and even from Hawaii. After Chris' new jobs are settled into. After the school year starts. After my mom's house is taken care of. (Just spent another 3 hours there today, as a matter of fact. Ugh.)

...I wonder what the reason excuse reason will be after that.

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