Dec. 23rd, 2006

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Or rather, I am. A Girl, that is.

The day started with a full body massage. Followed by a body scrub and mud... wrappy-thingy. Then a haircut. Then waxing, facial, and manicure. I've been rubbed, scrubbed, defoliated, buffed and polished to within an inch of my life.

Did I plan all of this? Did I have any idea this was going to happen today? Did I understand the meaning of most of the words I just typed above? Heck, no! Chris planned it all, as a surprise for my birthday, because he rocks like that :) :) :)

See, I don't do this stuff. My last haircut was just in time for [ profile] ninja_kat's wedding, in May 2004. My answers to Sandy, Mari, and Wendy(?)'s "When was the last time you had a body scrub/mud-thing/facial/manicure?" was "Um... in this lifetime? Never. See, I fail at Girl."

I swear, Dustin Hoffman in Tootsie did not experience the culture shock that I had today. Chris, who did most of the day with me (though he passed up the waxing experience) looked a lot more at home with it all than I did. I love him :) :) :)

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Chris & the boys and I went to a Christmas party tonight with the Chris' mom & stepfather, Chris' brother, brother's partner, and brother's partner's mom. The party was at Chris's dad + stepmother's house. Also at attendance were stepmom's parents and children from her previous marriage... I guess Chris' stepbrother & sister and step-grandparents.

::blink blink::

Did I miss anybody?

You know you're in trouble when you need visual aids just to know who's who )

Lessee, that's step-grandparents L & B, stepmom IR, stepbrother & sister E & J (from stepmom's previous marriage to BG, not in attendance), Chris' dad RR, mom JD & stepdad FD, Chris' brother MR and partner A, and A's mom M.

Yeah, that sounds about right.

Pay attention, because there may be a quiz in a later entry.

Best line? Chris' mom introducing herself to Chris' dad's in-laws: "Hi, I'm Judith, I'm Robert's ex-wife - the nice one."

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