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Jun. 10th, 2012 07:00 pm
ciroccoj: (All Black Belts)
[personal profile] ciroccoj
Sixteen Black Belt candidates: ten going for their 1st Dan, one for 2nd, one for 3rd, one for 4th, three for 5th.

  • 10:15: Warmup, oath
  • 10:30ish: Patterns
  • 11:30: Step-sparring
  • 11:50: Self-defence
  • 12:06: Free sparring
  • 12:24: Breaks
  • 1:04: Oral questions
  • 1:35: Feedback
  • 2:00ish: Belting :)

So, we have another black belt in the family. Congratulations to Chris :D :D :D

And wow, it's been a long time coming. We started this in the summer of 2007 ::checking:: Yup, five years ago, when the boys were seven and ten. Originally Chris and I were only going to go for the first few months, until the kids were confident and didn't need us there any more. Somewhere around yellow belt we realized we weren't leaving, and shortly after that, decided we really wanted to earn black belts.

We're all 1st Dans, now. And God help us, we're looking at going for 2nd Dan some day. Oy vey.

Happily, it's at least a year or so before you can even begin to think of testing for that. So we've got a while yet before we need to decide.

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