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Me: It's a lie that's not told to hurt somebody, or to get something for yourself, but to spare somebody else's feelings. Like, if a friend put on clothes that made them look terrible you could say, "That doesn't look good on you" because they can change, but what if they got a really, really awful haircut? They can't do anything about it, right? So you might say something like, "It doesn't look that bad," even though that's a lie.

Justin: Or you could say, "It doesn't look too bad, but maybe you should wear a hat until it grows out, because it does look a little bit bad."
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So today we're at McDonald's with Justin after Spanish school. Daniel's doing his Kub Kar races, so he's not with us. Justin goes to the play place, and is having a wonderful time, even though he keeps running out of the play place and telling us that there's a girl there who keeps chasing him and he's hiding from her.

Anyway, at one point this mom comes by, with a little girl that looks maybe five or so, and says, "Excuse me, is your son the little boy in the orange t-shirt?"

Oh bugger. Quick look at the little girl - she's very red-faced, but cheerful, and doesn't look like she's been hurt. Good thing, because Justin's so bloody huge I sometimes worry about smaller children around him.


"I just wanted to tell you, he was so wonderful! He was playing with my daughter for the longest time and she had such a great time! And he was so kind with the other smaller children in there, too. One of them got hurt and he was patting him on the back, just really gentle, it was so sweet! Such a nice kid!"

"Oh! Thank you!"

"Anyway, I just wanted you to know. Have a nice day!"

I felt all teary.

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