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(really cool part starts at 1:15)

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I have now discovered (thanks to Chris) that it's worth watching at least twice: once for the interview, and once for the headings that scroll past at the bottom of the screen.
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OK I seriously had to walk away from the computer for this one :D :D :D

Oh, man, somebody was doing bad, bad shrooms.
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And also: "Kirk, Spock, McCoy, and Ensign Ricky are beaming down to the planet. Guess who's not coming back."

I adore And my first fandom was Star Trek. Hence my squeeing over this link:

Star Trek Inspirational Posters

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Feb. 7th, 2008 08:37 am
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  • You know what arrived the day before yesterday from Amazon? My birthday present!

    Yeah, the Harry Potter Order of the Phoenix DVD that Chris ordered online and was told would arrive December 23... then 27... then January 7... then January 11... before he gave up on it and bought it from Future Shop, telling Amazon thanks, but no thanks.

    Oh, and it came with a $16 Customs fee too.

    Which we, surprisingly, did not pay. And so they took it away.

  • Wanna see some glorious insanity?

    Harry Potter's Bedroom, dollhouse-sized.

    My miniaturist soul swoons with longing.

  • It's time for another bunch of [ profile] seviet picture links!

    The War is Over! Time for a group hug!

    Lazy Sunday in the Potter household

    Nineteen Years Later, AKA the scene at King's Cross.

    You remember her Big Damn Anvil picture, some 20 or so pix of moments during the seven-book Harry Potter saga where Rowling dropped subtle hints that perhaps Ron and Hermione might someday be more than friends? Well, [ profile] seviet made another one like it, the Big Damn Emotional Journey, re. Harry and Ginny.

  • And a bit of deju-vu ficsnippet for people on my other flist ;)

    I've got a Harry Potter Fic That Will Probably Never See the Light of Day, vaguely related to Severance, slowly growing on my hard drive. It's a genfic, no pairings, set after Deathly Hallows (so it's got spoilers, Chris). I had something like this going in L & O, over 100 pages of bits and pieces of a Rey-centric (surprise!) post-Deborah fic that never went anywhere, and I never posted it and now I'm kinda sad I didn't because some of the pieces weren't so bad. So I'll probably be posting random snippets of this fic here. So that even if it does die a lonely death, at least bits of it will have seen the light.

    working title is Oblivion )

  • That is all :)
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OK, you know how every year I get the overwhelming urge to post a link to

Going Jesus: The Cavalcade of Bad Nativities?

Well, once again this year I cannot resist awesome the power of the Cavalcade link, but here's an added bonus!

It Came Upon a Midnight Weird: The Cavalcade of Bad Nativities II!

Not as funny as the first set, IMHO, but still good for quite a few chortles. Eg:


  • I’m pretty sure the one on the far left isn’t supposed to be the silhouette of two people playing pattycake over a tiki lamp. But what do I know.

  • were you born in a barn?
    ...and, if so, was it accompanied by a fiddle player and a strange Dolly Parton-esque angel? Were you visited by the three wise cowpokes?

  • Is it just me, or does it seem kind of rude to have a rousing game of paddleball using the holy family?

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