Mar. 10th, 2012

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(From the Comments section on a story about the anniversary of the Japan earthquake and tsunami)

Joey: There is nothing scary or wrong with earthquakes. It is all beautiful as well as the destruction just like creation is beautiful. Opening up to every aspect of life is the key to happiness.

Robert: your stupid

Joey: Please explain why I am stupid. Fear of the unknown is not my weakness nor should it be anyone elses. I have lived in Japan for a long time and have experienced earthquakes on a weekly basis and have learned to love them in their awesome and natural power. It is part of nature and how the earth is making mountains and new terrain. Mother nature is just amazing.

Robert: You said there is nothing scary about earthquakes explains it right there- i live in the san francisco bay area where earthquakes happen all the time, when a mild one hits and the tv news is on callers call in and they are allways afraid= where are you located and i will ask for a earthquake to be sent to you

Joey: I lived in the Bay Area a lot too and was there when they had the big one in 1986. I was actually in Santa Cruz and just loved it. Everyone slept outside and developed good friendship. I am in Thailand now so if you can manage to send one to me that would be cool but I do not wish this on anyone else. You folks in the Bay Area do not get earthquakes all the time. Those people are afraid because they are afraid of death. I am eagerly waiting for that to happen since it is the best thing in the world.

Joey: Oh and btw, most Japanese are not afraid of earthquakes. It is like second nature. California earthquakes are not on the same scale at all to Japan. When they do happen then they can be pretty big there. I have actually developed a second sense for feeling when earthquakes will hit but it does not work all the time. I then send out a message to my friends to be careful.

Robert: Asking for an earthquake in thailand- what's that old saying about going to war in old time china- those afraid to die will die and those not afraid to die will live- or maybe it was from the old KUNG FU tv show, or LAO TZU, or bruce lee- same thinking as martial artists

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