Mar. 30th, 2006

ciroccoj: (alive at five)
  • Took Daniel to Anne's place.
  • Took Justin to his MRI; didn't go well, he'll have to go back under general anesthetic.
  • Dropped Justin at babysitter's and hightailed out to Law Review meeting.
  • Raced back to pick up Justin from the babysitter's, Daniel from Anne's house, and go to Gym.
  • Back from Gym, downtime for a bit, then walked to Beavers.
  • Beavers was at Police Dept. Walked back home and said screw it.
  • Tried to get up energy to care about choir.
  • Failed. Made dinner, watched movie, put kids to bed.

Today: rinse, lather, repeat. Except not quite as hectic.

Tomorrow: PA Day, and Friday, which means Garry, Daniel and Justin together all morning. Happy happy joy joy.

On the plus side, Justin's behaviour has finally improved somewhat, and he and Daniel are getting along much, much better. And spring is here, the snow is melting, and the oppressiveness of constant cold dark is lifting. I could so not live in more northern latitudes. The darkness would kill me within one winter.

On the minus side, Justin's getting more headaches, and going to sleep before bedtime more often. Probably just the change of weather.

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