Apr. 21st, 2006


Apr. 21st, 2006 05:55 pm
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No, I have no idea how I did.

No, I don't really care.

Actually, I do have an idea... it's somewhere between B and D.

Now taking the children out so Chris can finish studying for his Final Final Exam. And where do they want to go? Dairy Queen (Justin) and Chapters (Daniel). I love my kids :) :) :)

Freedom! Horrible, horrible freedom!

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Apr. 21st, 2006 10:23 pm
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Justin: Why do they call it Dairy Queen? Why not Dairy King?
Daniel: Or Dairy Prince, or Dairy Princess!
Justin: Or Dairy Boss!
Daniel: Or Dairy Poo-head!
Justin: Or Dairy Butt-Genie!


It feels rather unreal to think that as of tomorrow, Chris won't have to study for freaking exams ever again. If all goes well, that is. It's just... been so incredibly long that he's been studying, that it's hard to imagine what it'll be like when he's not. When he's just got a regular 9-5-type job.


Thinking about my exam today. It was odd. I really have no idea how I did, because while it was a good exam and I think I got most of the answers right, there were some that just seemed too easy. Like, fact pattern explained, various players and actions described, then Question 1 is "What options does Client X have at this point in time?"

"Um... none. Short of rolling over and playing dead, he's done. He's quite screwed."

::re-read fact pattern::

::re-think everything I know about default proceedings and summary judgements::

::re-read the points for the question::

::yup, it still says ten points::



Does anybody know how to get the "Current Location" thingy to show up when you update?


Must rent Galaxy Quest again. They were showing it on TV yesterday - way too late for me, seeing as how I had an exam to write today - and I'd forgotten how hysterical it was.

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