Jun. 30th, 2006

Yo, Canada

Jun. 30th, 2006 06:11 pm
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Huh. Well, this is interesting - to me, at least.

UN rights body overrides Canada, Russia in approving native peoples declaration

GENEVA (AP) - The new UN Human Rights Council on Thursday overrode Canadian and Russian objections and passed a declaration to protect the rights of native peoples around the world, including an assertion that they have a possible right to restitution for land and resources taken from them.

By 30-2 vote, the body approved the declaration that said indigenous people should be free from discrimination and that they have a right "to consider themselves different and to be respected as such." A dozen countries abstained and three were absent.

A coalition of indigenous people who had been campaigning heavily in favour of passage had complained that Canada, a former supporter of the declaration, had switched sides after the Conservative party ousted the Liberals earlier this year.

They said Canada thus joined the United States, Australia and New Zealand - all countries with significant native populations - in opposing the declaration. The U.S., Australia and New Zealand, however, have no vote because they are not members of the 47-nation council, which began its first session last week.

The council replaced the widely discredited 53-country UN Human Rights Commission.

Link to the article


In other, related news, we're going downtown tomorrow! Canada Day in Ottawa. Puts another twist on the phrase "over the top" ;)


Still hunting down footnotes - 76 of them, in fact - like a madwoman. I have most of my sources, and spent a couple of hours thumb-wrestling with a microfilm machine today.

It's a good paper. Mostly. But... damn, I could explain my misgivings to y'all, but then I'd have to kill you. Confidentiality and all that.


Jacob crawls. And says "Baw."

::sniffle:: They grow so fast!


Has anybody ever used one of those mobile knife-sharpening trucks? Or are they specifically put in this world to break children's hearts when they drive through residential neighbourhoods sounding just like ice cream vendors?


And to send off this entry with a smile the weekend before both sides of the border go partying, here's a cute thing I got a few years ago. You may have gotten it, with the same "this is an actual transcript released by the Navy" header I have below. It's not. It's a joke/urban legend that's been around somewhere between 30-40 years, but never actually happened, no matter who swears they got it from their uncle, Navy PFC Bob.

Cross-border sailing )
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OK, I have not read the stories these are from, am not familiar with the fandoms, and have no idea if the fics are good, bad or ugly in their entirety. All I know is somebody on [livejournal.com profile] danglypartsiple thought each had a snippet worth a mention:


ETA: From [livejournal.com profile] linealyn, here's my world map. Looks more impressive than it is; my father was an airline pilot, so I travelled all over the place as a kid, but for many of these exotic locales, my strongest memories involve things like really comfy beds or nice chocolates or a restaurant where they served kiddie drinks with a cool little umbrella.

create your own visited countries map
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