Apr. 16th, 2006

ciroccoj: (family)
(overheard in our home)
Justin: Remember Cae-sar! You have a du-ty! To keep the peace so CRU-CI-FY him!

...I'm not sure how I feel about my six-year old singing that to himself.

Then again, it shows that they did like the movie. We watched it twice all the way through, the second time at their request, which was a pleasant surprise for me. I thought they'd liked it, but in a sort of "Not bad, for a Mama-movie" kind of way.

Interesting, to have passed Easter doing mostly Christian-related things. We had the Easter egg hunt this morning, but haven't done the egg decoration or anything like that.

Oh, and Daniel ran into Chris late last night, as Chris was doing his Easter Bunny duties. I'll have to ask him to tell me the conversation again, because it was very sweet.

It's really, really interesting to be home, all of us together, for the entire Easter weekend. I should check my journals to confirm this, but I'm 99% sure that Chris has been on call for part of every single Easter weekend since fourth year Med school. So, eight years. Oh - no, seven years, because one Easter weekend happened while he was in the hospital after his accident.


Slowly working my way through CivPro. It's started to gel, in a boring kind of way.


I'm also starting to gel. In a boring kind of way.


ETA: Oh! Nearly forgot about this piece of feedback I got the other day for my Harry Potter fic:
... so far this is a great pece of work. The only thing I do on like is the spelling mistakes. And that is only because I want to be a teacher.

So I asked if she could remember what mispellings she found in the pece of work, that she did on like. Her reply? "Words like colour and centre."

Not mispellings, sweetie - those are Canadian spellings. Not that I would expect most Americans to know that, and I had that kind of thing pointed out to me in Law & Order fandom many times and never thought it strange, but the reason her feedback made me giggle is that Canadian spellings are pretty much the same as British spellings. And I'm sure I heard somewhere that Harry Potter is originally from Britain.

Anyway. I thought it was cute :)

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