Jul. 2nd, 2006

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How the mighty have fallen. Eight days ago, we were sipping Mai-Tais on a sunny beach in Hawai'i. Living in a lovely condo with maid service included, driving a snazzy car with mega horsepower.

We're back home now. Our house is a sty, we have no running water in the kitchen, our toilet is busted, one car is dead and the other is sitting in a parking lot far, far away, and we're both unemployed. I can hear banjos starting up, and I have a strange urge to start singing about my cheatin' husband running away with my best friend's dog or something.

So I'll take refuge from the tragedy in quotations!

ETA: I should probably add that, while every word above is true (except for the cheatin' and dog-stealing), we're really OK. It's all temporary/fixable, and we're just getting a kick out of all of it happening at the same time :)


(Tonight, after the fireworks)
Drunken group #1: Ooo CAnada! Our HOme'n'NAtive LAAaaan'!!
Drunken group #2: Ooo CAnada! Our HOme'n'NAtive LAAaaan'!!
Drunken group #3: Ooo CAnada! Our HOme'n'NAtive LAAaaan'!!
Drunken group #4: Ooo CAnada! TeRRE d'NOzayEUX!!
Chris: Hey, it's Canada Day in Ottawa! We can be loud obnoxious drunks in both official languages!


Which reminds me of a quote from Canada Day 1989. Car full of drunks goes by me and a friend, everyone wearing - and painted - red and white, waving a Manitoba-sized flag, and slurring "Yaaaaayyy CAANAADAAA!!!! WooooooOOOOOOOoooooooo!!!! YAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!" and honking the horn ad nauseum.

Me: ::with the condescending arrogance only an 18-year girl can fully command:: You ever notice how patriotism tends to increase inversely proportional to IQ and sobriety?
Him: ::vastly amused:: ...says the girl who just paid $5 to get a Maple Leaf painted across half her face?


Back to today. We'd seen these at a booth earlier, and I was amused to see one being waved about:

Me: Ah, there it is, O Canada!
Chris: ::sniffing the air:: Ooh, and they're practicing what they're preaching, too!


Which reminds me of a quote from about a month ago, at the farewell dinner for outgoing residents:

Head of program: (gets to the part of her speech where she mentions Chris) So Chris first came to us in his second year of residency, and he had long hair and earrings, and people really liked him, and they said things like, "He's always so laid back and relaxed, isn't that nice"... and then he did his Grand Rounds, and his topic was Medical Marijuana, and we all said Aah, yeah that explains a lot...


(On the bus ride home last night)
Chris: Wow, the storm's really getting fierce.
Me: Yeah, that was thunder.
Chris: Thunderbolts and lightning,
Me: Very very frightening,
Daniel: Galileo!


I've just showed Chris a little animated picture I made to go with a line in a fic:
He had written the Danish Futhark Runic alphabet three times and the Greek alphabet once, drawn a picture of a quill, a desk, a chair, Hermione Granger, and twelve little three-dimensional boxes, and set a simple spell to make them all dance across the page.

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Chris: Wha... how...
Me: Well, I didn't draw that exactly for the fic, I mean, I'd written the line a while ago, and then I had that new calligraphy pen and I was learning how to write with it, and remember I was also trying to figure out how to use that animation program, right, so then I thought, hey, I should practice writing with the alphabets I mentioned in the fic, and so I looked them up and then I drew the rest of what the line said and then I scanned it in and then moved parts of the picture around and made about four versions of the page and then I plugged them into the animation program.
Chris: Uh-huh.
Me: So, it wasn't, you know, obsessive, or anything. It was educational.
Chris: Uh-huh...
Me: ... though of course the reason I was teaching myself calligraphy and animation was so that I could make more of these little pictures to stick into fics...
Chris: Yeah, that's what I thought.


Aaand back to tonight, trying to get through the huge people traffic jam after the fireworks:

Me: OK, I'll hang on to Daniel, and you hang on to Justin, and if we get separated-
Daniel: Stick to the Code!

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