Sep. 25th, 2006

Letting go

Sep. 25th, 2006 12:51 pm
ciroccoj: (happy)
So, the couple who came to see my mom's house yesterday want to rent it. YAAAAAAAAAY!!

They seem really nice, too, and thrilled by the house. The mom squeed over the herb garden, they both found the kitchen and interior lovely, the dad pointed out that the empty living room is perfect for the mom to do her work, since it's completely empty, all wood & no carpet and she's a vocalist. They would like to rent it for a year, then have right of first refusal if I would like to sell it.

It was so nice. They were so happy to be getting such a nice house for such an incredibly low price, and thanked me over and over again. Said this was such a wonderful way to start the new year (they're Jewish) and it just made the idea of moving so much better. "I would hug you if I knew you better," said the dad, and I had to agree, because I was feeling the same way. I'm tired of going to my mom's house every couple of days, worrying that somebody will break in while we're not there, and dealing with the memories and missing her and all that. Seeing a family eager to move in and give the house lots of love was such a huge load off my mind. And as Chris pointed out, if there's a heaven, my mother's smiling down to us from there. She loved her house and garden, and she wouldn't have wanted it to just sit there gathering dust.

I'm glad this is happening now, though. I don't think I would've been ready to say goodbye to the house when it first became empty. I think we all needed some time to go there, grieve for my mom and Guy, and get used to it being empty before being able to let it go.

So. That's my news. Now I have to get ready to move my mom's stuff out (gulp!) before November. And make sure all the insurance and paperwork and all that is taken care of. ::sigh::

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