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What do Greeks, rainbows, fish, little houses, beavers, worms, and cement have in common?

Once more, big pix - 7 of 'em - under link )
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Some days I think I'm so lo-tech touchtone phones confuse me. ::sigh::

Tried making a slideshow on Photobucket, but for some reason, it's just refusing to actually show up anywhere. It sure looks pretty on my screen, though.

Anyway, here's the hand-kluged version of something we took the kids to see a couple weeks ago, for the first time ever even though we live in Ottawa and it's, like, a big tourist attraction or something.

Warning for mega-pics behind the cut: RCMP Sunset Ceremony )

OK, and is it wrong that during the entire ceremony, although I was impressed as all heck by the colours and prowess and music and horsies and splendour, I couldn't stop thinking of the Arrogant Worms' Mountie Song?

ETA: Damn, the link to the video works, but cuts off before the song ends. OK, here's the full version, audio only.

Lyrics )
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You know what we did to celebrate Earth Day? We drove aaaall around the city for a couple hours! But hey! We were in a Toyota Echo, which is pretty fuel efficient, so it's almost guilt-free, right?

Ah, yeah, OK, no. That's a big F on Earth Day for us. The kids had a friend who was celebrating his birthday today at Pizza Hut and Cosmic Adventures, which are both clear at the other end of town from us and quite a drive from one another. And I did not get it together enough to figure out how to do that car-free.

Random topic-jump: Posted pictures yesterday, and decided I like posting pictures. So here's a few more. Nothing huge or all that exciting, just random pix of our lives :)

Lunar eclipse, Fort Snow, goodbye red car, bad O Canada ice cream, our street on Earth Night, first day in shorts, first picnic, last snow )
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Meme, from [ profile] neonnurse:

Take the pictures you like the best from the first page of Google Images results for the following entries:

Ooh, shiny! )


Random quote, from The Matrix: Reloaded:
Merovingian: I have sampled every language, French is my favourite – fantastic language, especially to curse with. Nom de Dieu de putain de bordel de merde de saloperies de connards de cul de ta mere. You see, it's like wiping your arse with silk, I love it.


Sarah often totally makes my day. Today I got this in my mailbox:
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Lazy Saturday around here. Went to Justin's ballet class, then went to visit Guy and drop off some things - the cards that the boys made for him, and pictures of [ profile] ninja_kat and Jacob, whom he hadn't seen yet. Passed on love and messages from the boys and Chris, and from [ profile] ninja_kat, my aunts Dory and Mary, and my cousin Ingrid. Also talked to Guylaine for a bit. They've got the same palliative doctor my mom had, Dr. Coulombe, requested specifically by Guy because of how wonderful she was with my mom. Incidentally, the same doctor is helping take care of Marie's mother, who is also terminal right now. Looks like Daniel and Justin will have even more in common with Nick and Oliver, Marie's kids, with whom we often go to museums.

This sucks.

Pictures & cards )


In far happier news, we finally watched The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, which I totally loved and want to own despite the many large & small changes from the book & TV series, but which made me wish even more for the TV series. I wonder if it's out there on DVD.


Hm, yeah, it is. Cool!

Favourite change: Marvin. TV Marvin was exactly how I imagined Book Marvin. You know. Gloomy looking. Long faced. I loved him.

But: Movie Marvin! Almost, but not quite, entirely unlike my idea of Marvin. I nearly died laughing. Cover him in plush and he's cuddly. And give him a voice by Alan Rickman... just too funny.

I also think I fell in love with the movie the moment I heard the opening music, straight from the TV series:

The Eagles, Journey of the Sorcerer.


Oh, and: remember Chris' amputated fingertip? Well, it's doing better now. The picture doesn't look that bad, but please do remember that he chopped the piece off February 15. So, like, over two weeks ago. kinda icky finger TMI )
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In no particular order:

Justin is six years old today. Exactly six years ago today, on the day that we were supposed to celebrate Daniel's third birthday, Justin chose to enter our lives rather precipitously. He was born at home, three hours after my water broke, with Chris, Daniel, Todd & Susan (godparents), Turtle (godsister), a midwife, student midwife, two secondary midwives, and a secondary student midwife, all crowded into my bedroom.

And, since we already had the cake and presents and most of the birthday party guests were already in our home, we decided to hold the party anyway. Hence the following picture, in which the birthday boy and his godsister are about to eat cake, my mother is sitting next to me on the bed, and you can barely see, within the blankets, Justin's little tiny 7-hour-old foot.

Happy Birthday to Daniel, Happy Birth Day to Justin )


Chris: Did you know Tentacle is a specific genre of anime, which involves tentacle-sex?
Me: Augh! Why do you tell me these things?!
Chris: Love you! G'night!


Justin: Mama, I'm out of that paint - that human-coloured paint, can I have some more? (it was a dark tan/light brown, BTW. I love Ottawa ;)


::voices growing louder as they ascend the stairs::
Justin: ...I WILL!
Daniel: ...and I can't believe you're going to tell on me for something that petty, Justin. Do I ever do that to you?
Justin: ::at the study door:: ::pause:: Yeah, I guess you're right. But Daniel, ::and the voices grow softer as they run back down the stairs, and I never do find out what the petty thing was::


So J.K. Rowling has made a little family tree, for Sirius Black's family, and apparently there's marriages there to various well-known names in previous generations: Longbottom, Crouch, Bulstrode, and even a Potter, a few generations back. Which has fans thinking: We know Sirius is Draco Malfoy's cousin. If Harry's related to Sirius, could it be that Harry is Draco's cousin too?

To which Daniel immediately says, "Cousin. Totally his cousin. In conclusion: cousin." And he does not understand why Mama dissolves into a puddle of giggles.

See, they've seen Troy (minus some of the gorier/nakeder parts), and I had shown Daniel the Troy in Fifteen Minutes parody script, and explained that one of the things that had been mocked in the movie was that Achilles' lover Patroclus was turned into his "cousin". Hence the funniness of the lines:

ODYSSEUS: Lookin' good there, kid. What is he, your--
ACHILLES: Cousin. He's my cousin. Cousin. Totally my cousin. In conclusion: Cousin.

But Daniel is not aware (nor will I enlighten him as to this) that his use of the line has made Mama lose it because there's also a ginormous number of Harry Potter fans who swear that Harry and Draco are... well... um... Cousins. ;)
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Le sigh: Polls say Canada Conservatives set for minority win )


All-Star, AKA Neville Longbottom. I've got a soft spot for geeks & goofy losers as well as snarky jerks. Also, my boys sang along to it like four times, and I finally had to tell them we couldn't watch it any more today.


Today's D & D quote, introducing a new kid to the group: "That's Garry, and that's Luke, and there's our kids - Daniel's got the long hair and Justin's wearing the ballet leotard."


Today, Ottawa was a snowglobe. Here's the view out our window (warning: large pictures of snow):

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow )

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